waiting for ultrasound

Hi everyone
im a 39 year old married with a 4yr old son.found lump about a month ago with a little tenderness.finally got the courage to go to docs and has referred me to the hospital for ultrasound and she mentioned a needle to test the tissue.is this done at the same time? Feeling very anxious and trying not to worry.but easier said than done.
Thank you for reading

Hi niknocks


It’s great that you found the courage to see your doc about this. Waiting is really hard and you are bound to be anxious but please try to remember that the vast majority of breast lumps are not cancer.


Hospitals all seem to have slightly different procedures so it’s difficult to say if it will be done at the same time. With me, they did a needle aspiration first (nothing to worry about, just like having a quick injection in your boob) followed up a couple of weeks later with an ultrasound and a core biopsy (again, not painful and only took a few minutes).


Some hospitals seem to adopt the one stop breast clinic type thing with everything being done in one stop which is great as it saves on those anxious waits between tests.


I hope this helps a little. Good luck and please let us know how you get on.



Hi lucy12
thank you for your reply.i feel a bit silly worrying when I dont even know anything yet.i need to man up lol.the power of positive thinking and all that.lol.thanks again and will keep updated.hope yours was all clear.x

Hi niknocks

Welcome to the forums.  As well as the support you receive here you might find it helpful to read the BCC publication ‘your breast clinic appointment’ It contains information about what to expect at the clinic and the different tests you may have there.  If you would like to order this or read it on-line just follow the link below:-


Also if you would like to talk anything through do give the helpline a call on 0808 800 6000.  Here you can share your cocnerns with a member of staff who will offer you emotional support as well as practical infromation. Lines are open Monday to friday 9 to 5pm and Saturday 10 to 2pm.

Best wishes Sam, Facilitator 

Hi peeps.got my appointment tomorrow.got letter on Saturday. Getting quite nervous now.Also it said in letter its for a mamogram.i thought it was an ultrasound.will they do both? Lucy12 glad you are doing well and kicking its butt! And wheezy hope you get the results you want to hear too.x

Hi everyone
All went well today.Nothing showed up on mamogram all completely normal.The doctor had no concerns so didn’t need to do any more tests.I felt rather silly after initial relief. But he assured me I done the right thing.He felt what I had been feeling and it was all normal . Basically I have quite a small frame and when I had my son I put on alot of weight it all disappeared straight after.so what im feeling is normal lumpy breast tissue where I have lost a bit of fat in my breast area! Such a great feeling not having to worry anymore and thank you for all the support you guys have shown on here.for those of you still waiting I wish you all the best for your results and for those that didnt get the results you wanted to hear a massive thank you for your advice and your bravery. Xxx