Waiting game here too .......

Just wanted to say hi to you all. I have had a lump in my left breast for a few months. I had a mammogram and ultrasound last year after having symptom but that was thankfully clear. I didnt want to go back again so soon but my OH felt the lump last monday and made me go to docs. I went last Tues and have my appr at breast clinic on 15th Aug. Im sure its a cyst as it moves and feels a bit like a small marble. Im 48 and pre menopausal so think this is the age to get cysts. However i go from thinking its bound to be mothing to thinking the worst! Just wanted to tell somone. I havent told anyone other than OH as dont see the pount in worrying my daughters for nothing. Thinking of all who are waiting and worrying too. Its not nice x



Hello and welcome to this lovely forum where you will get loads of help and support.


Let us know how you get on Tuesday if you want to. sending you hugs


Helena xxx

Thank you. I will let you know what happens. I have found it really helpful to read positive stories of ladies with similar symptoms and the outcomes. So i hope my story helps someone too. Take care x

Hi. Just wanted to update. Had my appt. The staff were so lovely and caring. Had mammogram then u/sound. At the u/sound he explained straght away and showed me the lump on screen. He told me harmless lymph node. All normal. He said the can sometimes stay enlarged after infection and dont go down but nothing at all to worry about. I then saw the consultant who checked me and said the same. My lump was quite hard like a little marble and moveable. It was easy to find and husband felt it. Just wanted to reassure anyone waiting for appts that lumps arent always bad and to try not to be so scared. This past week my mind has driven me crazy. I wish I had relaxed a bit more. Take care and sending hugs to you all going through any breast issues xx

That’s brill Jaybee, thanks for reporting back & your wise words!
ann x

So glad for you that it was good news jaybee!!