waiting game

Hi everyone,

haven’t posted for a while since my diagnosis on 8th april. Have had a SNB 26th April which proved clear and have been told I can have immediate reconn followed very likely by chemo. Have asked about the cold cap but been told it’s not operated here due to possible concern about scalp cancer? The problem is I still haven’t got my op date. Everytime I go to see my consultant i’m given different ‘target’ dates, because of the reconn I have been to see a plstic surgeon who is wonderful and reassusring but again the date has been changed. I understand it’s on the NHS and that two surgeons will be required but I am so upset that the cancer will be spreading. I was very pleased with the lymph node result but that was 4 weeks ago, and by the time i have my op it could be 8 weeks. Surely that wouldn’t be a realisstic diagnosis now?
The nurse says not to not to worry and that it is unlikely to have spread but just can’t seem to be as reassured as I was.

Is this wait normal? has anyone waited this long? maybe I am panicking but to me I’ve coped very well so far, had my moments of course but just want rid so that I can get on with the treatment, now i question early detection at all?

I was told that I may have had this for a cple years but that can’t be because 've been screened for 8 years, annual mrs’s and mammograms and my august one was clear which makes it so confusing. This then makes me think it’s fast growing however thy have said grade 1/2?

Sorry to sound off, I have to believe they know what they are doing but it all seems so long. Been told possibly 7th June but have got to wait to see if surgeons are free b4 it can be confirmed.

If this is the norm then sorry for ranting on, just worried.

thank you xxxxx