Waiting game...

Hi, new to forum. Found lump (s?) last weekend by chance, been referred - waiting for appointment. I’m 44 yrs old, children are 16,14 & 11. Google in general not very reassuring (no pain, solid lumps), but think this website is brilliant, so many positive people - keeping busy and trying to only cross bridges that actually exist…

Hi Marge. i’m not sure if i’ve already replied to a thread from you as i think i did a few yesterday evening… there was someone with children your children’s ages so it’s possible. I’m in an early morning haze and my memory isn’t what it was , heh… anyway, glad you’ve found the site - lots to explore and lots of support available. threads do get ‘lost’ unless someone replies so you should be bumped to the top now for a bit. Good advice to yourself about the bridge-crossing as needed thing. take care x

Thanks for the encouraging reply. Must have been someone else with similar age children. I feel a bit of a fraud posting without having had definite news but am the type of person who would rather be well-informed. Just want the appointment to come through so I can find out what’s what.

Hi Marge and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the support here please feel free to call our helpline to talk any concerns over, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000

You may find the following link useful as you will find a publication about an appointment at a breast clinic:


Take care


Hiya Marge, the waiting is the worst part of it all isnt it?
I am 41 and in a similar position to you. Found a lump went see GP, she found thickened breast tissue as well and has referred me. Waiting for the appointment to come through too.
Please dont feel a fraud in terms of saying how you feel on here, even though you are unsure of the outcome, that is what we are here for. I am hopeful, like you, that it is nothing but needed to speak to others in a similar position. It feels easier for me somehow than speaking to/worrying family and loved ones.
I googled at first and wished I hadnt… so trying to avoid that now and just look/speak to people on here.
I hope you get your appointment through soon. It is usually within 2 weeks. Try to keep yourself occupied to help take your mind of it a little. I know its hard, I have cried a little then told myself off for not been strong!
Here for you if you need to talk and vent… big hugs.
Let us know how you get on.
Di x

Hi Di, good to hear from you - shame about circumstances, but agree entirely about it seeming better to chat to other people in same situation than to worry nearest and dearest about something that may not turn out to be significant. It is somehow much easier to talk to strangers - I dread telling my parents and kids if it is bad news. I think I’d end up being the strong one who was then worried sick about the impact on them.
However I also know that when bad things happen, lots of good comes of them too. it can be a painful process but I think that finding out who your real friends are is important and we all need a reminder of what really matters most now and again.
I didn’t get to see my usual GP - the one I saw conducted a quick examination and then started the referral process. He said it’d be about two weeks, but I’m hoping he meant two weeks until appointment, rather than two weeks until I hear anything at all! As he took my 'phone numbers I thought the appointment would have been made by now.
I’m off work for the next fortnight, so hopefully by the time I go back in, I’ll have more idea of where I stand and will have had a little time to come to terms with bad news if necessary. However it also means more thinking time. I’ve done a lot of googling but am sticking to this website from now on as it’s a brilliant resource.
I am turning to black humour - I had always joked to myself that being left a 34A after years of breastfeeding at least meant I would spot any lumps easily - and so it has turned out to be, I wasn’t even looking. My OH has had the best boobs in our house for quite a few years now!
I hope you get your appointment through soon - fingers crossed that it’ll bring the news you want to hear.

Thanks Marge. I totally agree with you, I think I will need to be the strong one too.
My GP told me to expect a telephone call within 48 hours and then an appointment within 2 weeks. I saw her Thursday AM but not yet had the phone call. Aww hun, its good to have a sense of humour it will help you through anything life throws at you. Unfortunately my boobs are alot bigger at 38DD so am concerned that it will be harder to diagnose.
I have read on here that thickened breast tissue can hide things and mammograms dont pick things up as well with the thickening, so quite concerned about that. Depending on what they suggest when I get my appointment I may ask for an ultrasound if they dont offer one.
Keep yourself busy whislt you are off, do you need any decorating doing lol… thats one way of keeping busy. But seriously you should get to be seen within 2 weeks. I hope you get your appointment soon and that it is good news for you.
Keep in touch.
Di x

Hi Marg and Diane

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any definite news, so don’t feel a fraud. You have the worry of waiting, and we all hope that when you get your news, it will be better than you expect. If not, we will support you as much as we can through whatever treatment you have. Definitely agree that the waiting room is the worst place to be, we have all been there, some several times over!! But when you have a treatment plan, things will definitely improve as you feel as if your are actually doing something positive. Very best of luck to you both. I’m sending you both big hugs and positive vibes.

Poemsgalore xx

hi marg and diane . I found the lump and doc got moving got me phonecall within 2hrs and appointment within 2 wks where I had a mammogram which didnt show lump then an ultrasound that did show. 7days later i had my op now I am waiting for chemo appointment. Once everything starts moving it goes very very quickly. I wish you both the best of luck
ann w

Hi Poems and Ann, thanks for your responses. I went to yoga this morning and the lady said that most of us live with one foot in the past and the other in the future, which means we’re peeing on the now! So going to try to follow her standard advice and concentrate on the present. If I haven’t heard anything from clinic by Thurs then perhaps I will give them a gentle call to see what’s happening, as otherwise the Easter weekend could set things back - know my OH is worrying. However i feel quite calm about things at the moment. Thinking of you both x

Hi Marge, glad you are feeling quite calm, must be the yoga. I am too as definitely hopeful all is ok.
Hoping you get your appointment soon. Fingers and toes crossed for you xx
Hi Poems and Ann, thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts. So glad this forum is available, it does help you to keep peace of mind. Wishing all the best too.
Hugs xx

hi diane and marge
just wanted to say that definate news or not, a worry is a worry, we’ve all done it and its nice to know youre not on your own so feel free to ask questions, moan, whatever you need to say - we can take it- one of us will pick it up and help out.
we’re all in it together.
happy thoughts,
angie x

Thanks Angie. Obviously none of us are here for positive reasons but it is difficult to imagine a more supportive forum. I feel well-informed, able to discuss any concerns and ready to face whatever is coming next :slight_smile: x

Hi everyone
I’m a new member…Just been reading the lovely posts and feel a bit calmer. I’m in the same predicasment as Di and Marge, Just this minute got back from my Docs after finding a lump and she has referred me to my local hospital for tests…( she says there are actually 2 lumps at the side and under my nipple…
Worried is an understatement . I dont want to tell my family especially when I don’t know what it is… keep telling myself its nothing and they will sort me out ! so glad I found this site.xx

Frilly, so sorry you have to be in the ‘waiting room’ so to speak. We’ve all been there, and it isn’t nice. Like you I didn’t tell my family until I had a definite DX. Wheter it’s nothing, or whether it’s something, please keep looking on here and please let us know how you get on. Good luck


Thank you so much for your reply poemsgalore…I will most definately be using this wondeful resource …thank you again.xx

Hi Frilly,

Please talk to us if you need someone. we know what it is like, the ‘not knowing’. I am still waiting for my scans, hoping to get an appointment this week. I hope you get seen soon and it is a positive outcome. Sending you hugs and kind wishes. Please keep us updated. Take care, Di x

Grr, hospital just called and my appointment has been made for 16th April, a full month after I found lumps and yet another fortnight of waiting. Not impressed!

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Hi Frilly,
I echo what Di says above - the waiting is hard. It’s now 15 days since I saw GP, so I’ve just 'phoned the local hospital to find out what’s going on re appointment. Even allowing for bank holidays I should be seen by tomorrow if they’re to meet the 10 working day obligation.
Have had a few days away which was lovely - those horrible thoughts about what my body’s up to barely crossed my mind! Keeping busy is obviously the key - though chatting on here is a big help too. I have told my OH and a couple of friends, but everyone else will be staying on a ‘need to know’ basis, until I actually have anything to tell.
Take care and hope you escape waiting room soon,

Hi Marge,

So sorry you are been messed about and are back in the waiting room. I really dont understand why they dont rush these appointments and scans through, it really does beggar belief. Maybe you could call them back tomorrow and ask why you have to wait so long, and can they bring it forward somehow.

I really feel for you.

I was told I will receive a scan appointment in the next 2 weeks, that was last Tuesday… I am going to call them tomorrow to try and push it quicker. I go away next Friday.

Fingers crossed you get an appointment sooner.

Take care Di xx