Waiting in Limbo

Here I go again!!!

On this rollercoaster and the what if? question screaming in my head…had my MX on the 9th December and am now waiting for the oncology results on the 21st…have had to go back to the breast unit a couple of times as my drain was not doing its job and ended up with a beauty of a seroma…looks like a b cup

Not in pain but it is uncomfortable and am feeling very isolated and emotional. My OH is very positive and when anyone asks how I am he steps right in there telling people I am fine…Where i just want to scream I am not FINE!!! I am scared and uncomfortable and I need to rant…I suppose these feelings are not unusual but feel I have to act in a certain way as to not upset others,

Feel better now I have got that off my chest and hopefully some of you will understand my thoughts and feelings.

Julie x x

Hello Jules
You poor thing sending hugs. I think that will be me soon. I’m waiting for my results and then dets of my op then again will be waiting for more results but that’s the beauty of the NHS. The care is amazing though so far only seen consultant and BCN and they were fab.
My OH has been reading all the books and telling me what I can and can’t do… Erm hello is me going through it not you. They are only doing it cos they care but wanted to say I know what you mean.
Lots of love
Fran xx

Hi Jules,
Ah bless your OH – we’re all so very different in how we handle things aren’t we? Perhaps when he tells people you’re fine, you could agree and say something like, “Yes, I am FINE: Fearful, Isolated, Nervous and Emotional”… just a thought. (Sometimes it’s a case of: F.I.N.E. as Fearful, Insecure, Nervous and Emotional).
I haven’t had any surgery yet and so can’t imagine what that feels like for you, but I do hope the seroma settles and you feel less uncomfortable very soon.
It’s very necessary to rant sometimes and this seems like a good place to do that safely!
All the very best – Grace x