Waiting is driving me crazy

Hi all,

I found a lump in February, my doctor thought it was an abscess so i was put on a course of antibiotics. i then received a letter to attend the breast clinic (to be safe). this panicked me as i had been told it was just an abscess! and the wait was agony as it took four weeks to be seen! i had an ultrasound whereby the doctor told me everything was clear. phew!!! only problem was i still had my lump! then the lump flared up a couple of weeks later, my breast got very red and hot and i called my doctor who prescribed yet another set of antibiotics, i collected the prescription and had to wait a week before seeing my doctor in person. the redness reduced but i still had the lump! and it was weeping by this time and looked like an ulcer. my doctor took a swab then advised that i needed to go back to the breast clinic to have it checked again and prescribed me yet another set of antibiotics. the swab results were clear with no signs of infection ??? which meant i didn’t need the antibiotics after all!! at this point i decided to go private as it dawned on me that i had health insurance through my work!! i was seen within two weeks, a week later i was booked in to have my lump surgically removed. i now have to wait until Tuesday 10/07 for the results of the biopsy and i feel that i,m going mad, it is sooooooo frustrating this not knowing. i have been in limbo since February and i,m so confused about the whole thing. has anyone had a similar experience?

You are in my thoughts today. I pray you have good news.
Good luck, sending you love and hugs.
Rosamund x

Hi All,

GOOD NEWS!!! it was a benign cyst, oh how amazing those two words are!
i want to say a big thank you to everyone and i can only hope and pray that everyone else has good outcomes too.xxxx
this experience has changed me, i will not take any day for granted and will tell my family at every opportunity that i love them dearly.
thank you and big huggs all round.xxxxxxx

Hi ,
That’s wonderful news, I am so pleased for you.
So good to know that you are o.k.
love Rosamund

thank you Rosamund,

I am so glad that i have had so much support through this ordeal, and i will pray for you that you will be ok and
have good news too.

lots of love and big huggs. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks for your prayers, I will let you know after 17th.
Love Rosamund x

wonderful new wow i too got the all clear so as with you i,m so pleased
love to all you lovely ladies praying for you