Waiting on results of mammogram


I’ve been having right breast pain for months now and had been to my GP 3 times. She has checked my breasts on all occasions and said although they were lumpy, she had no concerns. I ended up having to ask her to refer me to the Breast Clinic. She said she’d do this “to put my mind at ease”. She also advised me taking ibuprofen. I have an appointment with the consultant next Wednesday (after having waited over 4 weeks for an appointment). This is to go over the results of the mammogram. I am literrally worried sick. Can anyone advise? Thanks

Good luck with your appointment. You have waited a long time, hopefully it will be good news. If you are worried about anything in the meantime we are all here to chat to, we realise how hard the waiting is.

Take care

Yvonne xx

What did the doctor say at the clinic when he examined you, did he give you any ideas on what it might be. I know from my experience, every appointment I have had they have said we think this is/isn’t. Did you ask if they could see anything.


Good luck with your appointment next week. Best advice I can offer at this stage is not to research too much on the internet etc as it’s so easy to read stuff and scare yourself rigid.

Love Lilac

Thanks for your thoughts. I haven’t actually seen the consultant yet. I see him on Wednesday when he has the results of the mammogram. My own doctor didn’t give me any ideas on what it might be, just nods intently when I describe my symptoms. I’m now beginning to wish I had pressed her further previously.