waiting on results

hi im a newbie dont have a clue if im posting right just needed to read about peoples experiences while waiting for biopys results i had a lump come in my right breast about 6 weeks ago doctor referred me i had a mammogram then i was taken to have an ultrasound were there performed a core biopsy then sent back to the doctor who told me he didnt no what it was but was hoping it was benign i had my 10yr old son with me so didnt want to ask questions about the c word but the more i think about how he was looking at me the more im getting more nervous and have to wait 7 days which is driving me mad my gut instinct is telling me i might have a prob but my head is saying another is this normal to feel like this an does anyone think i should be worried xx

Hi Flutter, Everything your feeling is normal while awaiting results, your emotions will be all over the place , it’s all speculation at this point and it’s hard to make any sense of it! The odds are really In your favour though as the majority of lumps tested are harmless and if they were sure it was anything sinister from the imaging they would tell you. You are going to worry so there is no point in me saying not to but it won’t change the outcome and will make the wait more agonising than it need be, you can’t cross a bridge until you reach it so try and park the fears until you know for certain if you have anything to be fearful of, please let us know how you get on xx

Hi Flutter,

Just went through what you are going through. I thought for sure I was going to hear the C word. My lump was moderately suspicious with no lymph node involvement. My results came back yesterday as non-cancerous but I do need surgery to have it removed. Waiting is the worst! My doctor said about 7 days but I got my results in 3 business days. My first thought was, “But I have kids!” - so I know how you are feeling. Keep the faith! Try and be positive! I know it’s hard. I should have followed my own advice. Hoping all goes well!! Renee

aw thank you for the reasurance ladies i feel normalish now i am the most impatient person i no the waiting game isnt for me i just froze i didnt ask any questions at all i think because my son was with me i didnt want him to panic by bringing up the c word so hopefully its just a harmless lump and as you say no point worrying until i no il keep you posted an thank you for your replies glad all was ok for you xxx