Waiting Results following lumpectomy for DCIS

Im sitting at home at the moment, mulling over thing like you do. Getting my results hopefully tomorrow night 2 weeks after the op. Im almost healed and feeling a lot better but I cant switch my brain off from the “what ifs”. I am really hoping it will be the margins were all clear and radiotherapy in a few weeks time. (Hoping I can go on my booked holiday first in August!). Think coz my hubby back working away until tomorrow he is coming back to see doc with me for the results. I really dont want to go for surgery again I just want to go back to my old life. Anyone else out there know what Im feeling that can share?
Thanks, Mell

Hi Mell
No exactly how you are feeling I was the same in February 2010. Your brain is going all the time wondering what is going to be the results. I remember thinking am I going to be able to go to my sons graduation in June.
I was dx with 18mm DCIS and I had clear margins, but within that they found 8mm of IDC that was grade 3 cells. I had to go back in for an op on my lymph nodes to see if cancer had spread.They removed 6 nodes and thankfully they were all clear. I then went on to have 6 FEC and 20 Rads.
A year on I am fine and have had my first mammogram which is showing no evidence of disease.I have been back at work since November and I am feeling great.Im sure your results will be fine and you can go and enjoy that holiday.Let me know how you get on. Love Anne xx

I think waiting for the results of first surgery is even worse than waiting for the results of core biopsy, so I can really sympathise!

Can’t say anything else really, just wishing you good luck with your margins.

hi mellc,

you and me both. Going in tomorrow to get dressing off and find out results. Am totally in denial at the moment though

they WILL have got the margins
I will NOT need radiotherapy
I will NOT need chemo
The scare WILL have healed and I can start drumming.
Tomorrow I WILL be on here saying goodbye and thanks and then getting back on with my life.

Mind you there has been the odd wobbly moment I did go on line yesterday to read up on radiotherapy just in case. And I do not know how I am going to be tonight–watch the boards at 2am to see if I am still awake.

And I just cannot bring myself to book anything until friday, dogs neutering, autumn holiay, gigs, anniversary party etc. They are all on hold. Hubby cannot understand why I dont want to make plans yet if I keep saying it will all be fine,Perhaps my subconcious is doing all the “what if’s” for me.

Good luck for tomorrow–everything crossed for you (including my arms because nothing hurts anymore)

Hi Melic I can totally understand where you are at now, I felt quite good after my opp but as the date got nearer for my results I was a mess again, infact when I was there in the room waiting for the consultant to come in I broke down & was shaking & in a right state another breast nurse I didn’t know came in & managed to calm me down while I waited I found this bit harder than the initial diagnoses which I took pretty well.

OAL thats a good way to think although I knew id defo be having rads unless you’ve been told you wont need any futher treatment try to keep an open mind I know its hard but it will come as less of a shock if you do need treatments & they cant tell straight after surgery Pathology put everything through alot of testing (ask for a copy of your Path report) Quite amazing what you are NOT told ! Don’t worry about Rads honestly there is nothing to them yes they are inconvenient & take 3-5 weeks everyday depending on whats what, & I think radiotherapy is under estimated it is a good guarentee of the cancer not returning there. I went there thinking id be having the book thrown at mine so was pleasently surprised when my onc said I only need rads & came home quite happy

Mekala x

Hi Mell

Yes I know exactly how you are feeling. I was diagnosed with 4.5 cm DCIS on 10th March, the day before the Japanese Tsunami. This helped as I focused on that rather than the Cancer. Made me realise that there were others going through far worse than me (think it was my coping strategy). Had first surgery on 25th March, got results two weeks later and sadly no clear margins and some invasive. Went on and had my nodes biopsied and they were CLEAR!! Had my operation on Friday just gone to try and get clear margins, and hopefully start rads and tamoxifen and try to get some normality back in my life. I hope my margins are clear this time.

Fingers crossed yours will be too, as I was told that most people get clear margins, its just about 20 per cent who dont, (hope I have got that statistic right) anyway really really hope you are one of the 80 per cent and will be thinking about you when you tomorrow evening.

Good luck xxx

Old and Lumpy, I hope you get good results, but hope you don’t disappear for good, as you have become a very helpful and supportive poster on this forum. Good luck with your results.

Thank you all for your replies. It has certainly helped to feel I am not alone thats for sure and several of you in exactly the same place as I. Thing is I havent even cried since I was diagnosed but today and yesterday as probably first time I have spent any considerable time on my own it maybe has just hit me. I suppose having surgery generally can leave you feeling a bit low. Im such a happy person normally. I do pray and hope I am in that 80% of clear margins folks but it does seem more than that go back for a second op when you read these chat forums etc so I guess I will go with the flow. I will let everyone know how I get on…Praying for everyone else on here that results will be good for you too. Will I understand the results of the lab results if I ask for a copy? Or will it be all doctor speak?

Hi Mell

Ask about all the results and if you don’t understand ask again or if you have your BC nurse with you get her to explain to you later. I found having my hubby there helped as he seemed to hear things I didn’t because I was so worried.

This is also a great site to find out about your results and grade and stage. Another great site is the McMillan site as it has lots of answers to questions.

Hope all goes well for you. If you need any advice you can get in touch.
Love Anne xx

Hi oldandlumpy

Hope you get good results tomorrow. I know once you get answers you start to feel a bit easier as you know what path you are going to take.

I hope you can get back to your drumming.Is that what you do for a living as I saw you mentioned doing gigs.

Hope all goes well and if you need any advice let me know.

Love Anne xx

Hi Mell

I am posting a link to the BCC publication ‘Understanding your pathology results’ which you may find helpful:


If you feel it would help to talk things through with someone in confidence please call our helpline on 0808 800 6000, the lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Sat.

BCC have also published a factsheet about DCIS which you can download from here:


Best wishes

Good luck to mellc and OAL for tomorrow. Hope all goes well for you both. The waiting is horrible but once you have your results you will know how to go forward.

thanks for that leaflet LUCYBC, i had already got an amateurish list of questions to ask, but the ones suggested there are grat

mekalir-- please dont rain on my parade. My consultant said it is unlikely that i will need rads, the breast nurse at a later meetings said that it is unlikely that i will need rads and so for the next 18hours I would like to cling on to that belief.

i know radiation treatment is not long and it is bearable. But if i am not back drumming by August 3rd then my band will replace me. It took 5 years to build it up. at my age it will be difficult to find people willing to play with me and drumming is my life. Of course I will get over it, and of course a will smile politely when people say “at least you are still alive” But until tomorrow I would like to live in this happy la-la land where everything is going to be ok.

Oh sorry OAL I didn’t realised you’d already been told I didn’t realise that some know before the path results. Thats great news try not to worry sounds like you’ll be just fine good.
All the best for tomorrow

Mekala X

another duplicate post!!!

well they did still only say unlikely, and of course it was qualified with --but we cannot tell till we get the path report. But my BC did say it was the first time she had every been told maybe no rads. She was so surprised that she went off to her manager to get it checked and came back with the same answer–probably not rads but needs confirming after WLE.

still --fingers crossed

Hi again Mell

I like you have handled things very well, but since my last surgery last week have been an emotional wreck (I have had tons of support on here I might add from the lovely ladies. I think the anaesthetic probably has an effect on our mental health as well as physical so dont be surprised if you do get weepy moments.

Regarding there seems to be more people going back on these forums. I used to think the exact same thing about many subjects, then realised that these forums only represent a very small minority of the population. Not everyone who has bc comes on this or even goes online full stop and also the people who have clear margins, no nodes and get a good results again often move on and don’t continue to post, you only see the posts from the people with the problems. Hope that makes sense.

Good luck and hugs.

SGL xx

Hi again
OAL yes fingers crossed & as the rads is a possibly NO atleast theres no chance of you needing chemo & that in itself is a HUGE BONUS & if you do need rads the time flys by so fast.

Mellc, I’ve just done a list of suggested questions, and why to ask them, on OAL’s thread, you should be able to find it on the Latest Posts list, you might find them useful.

Best of luck to both of you.


Hi everyone. Well saw the surgeon last night who looked a bit sombre!! Good news he said it is not invasive from the path results. Bad news is not clear margins on two sides. Gotta have another operation. He cant do it yet as I not healed enough from last one. It is hormone driven. Waiting on a date for next operation. Not sure if holiday in AUg going to be a possibility now so disappointed if that doesnt happen disappointed for my hard working husband and sonas I know they were really looking forward to the break (well they were before all this happened). I didnt ask for the report - I dont know why think I was scared in case something he not telling me. Prob very silly, but didnt feel like I had the strength to read it last night.I will ask for it next time I see him though. Must be one of those 20% that have to have further operation! Thanks for all your good wishes by the way everyone much appreciated.

just read the leaflet on understanding your path report and am armed with my list of questions-thanx for that-am walking the race for life this sunday with my female relatives-cheered on by our menfolk-have found it very touching-good luck with all results-stella