Waiting results

I was randomly selected for a mamogram at the end of November, I have no history of Breast Cancer in my family so went along thinking that I might as well. 10 days later I got a letter saying they needed to see me again, they had found calcium deposits so did a needly biopsy. That was before xmas, on new years eve I went for the results which apparently showed quite a lot of activity which when pressed they said meant that I had cell changes in the mid to high range but was not conclusive, so then had a vacuum assisted biopsy and I’m waitinng for the results which are on Friday.
I feel that I’m walking through treacle, am trying to keep busy. I want to talk about it but I don’t want to worry my own family (my husband knows?) as I have two daughters. Similiarly my sisters, it all might amounnt to nothing, and our dad is very poorly and I don’t want to add to this. What a tle of woe, thanks for reading this, good luck to anyone who is in a similar position.

Hi Katie,

All of us on this site have been in your position at one time or another. Waiting for results is the hardest thing of all. It’s impossible not to worry and it’s on your mind the whole time. Not being able to talk to your family about it is hard. I know because my mother was ill when I was diagnosed in 2009 and kept it to myself too so that the rest of the family wouldn’t be worried over nothing.

If you would like to speak to someone, as well as posting on here, try phoning the helpline. They are very good.

I do hope it turns out to be nothing. I’m sure all the women on here will be wishing you well. We like to hear good news so if it does please come back and tell us. If the worst happens you’ll be welcomed for help and support.

best wishes, Jan x

Katie, the waiting really sucks. I’m just off out to pick up my second set of biopsy results and I’ve done NOTHING productive all day, just fret and try to stop myself going completely bananas. Only partial success on that front!

Very best of luck for Friday’s results and feel free to let rip on the forums, however you happen to be feeling. We might not be able to pop out to the shops for you, or pick the kids up for you, but we can understand you like nobody else can.

Fingers crossed.

Hi Katie

I really feel for you, I too had calcium deposits and lots of activity. This is really the very worst bit. Once you have your results you can go forward. Try to keep busy and do nice things (cliche I know and a bit annoying) but it really does help. I didn’t tell anyone (only hubby) until I had my results as I didn’t want to worry anybody and didn’t find my macmillian nurse that easy to talk to either. The helpline here is brill.

Thinking of you, we know how you are feeling.xx

Thanks everyone for getting back to me, I think its holding it all in and trying to be brave when your’re not certain what you have to be brave about. It’s been great to be able to have this forum though, never done anything like this before(that’s what they all say!) but I’m so glad I did.
Big Thank you

Just a quick post to let you all know that I’ve been given a year’s reprieve as my second biopsy showed atypical cells same as the first one. Am now worried after reading other posts that maybe it should be six months? or should I be grateful that its a year. I should phone the help line…
Thanks for being there ladies