Waiting times in GGC


I found a small lump and red spot approx 4 weeks ago and saw my GP on tues. She said she is urgently referring me to breast clinic for 2 week appt, just wondering how realistic that waiting time is just now or whether it’s likely to be longer. I’m based in Glasgow and know some services are really under pressure.

Also did people get appts via post or phone?

I feel really silly getting worked up about it as I’m aware most lumps turn out to be nothing but here we are :woman_facepalming:t2:

Thanks in advance

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Hi - it does vary region to region. I’m in Norfolk and the hospital is so busy. I had to wait 3 weeks for my urgent referral and then that was cancelled the day before and rebooked for 2 weeks later! I couldn’t cope with the stress and went private (saw same breast surgeon ironically) and was then fast tracked through the NHS and effectively got back on track! I know a lot of places do see you within the 2 weeks but do explore other ways into the system if you’re really struggling with anxiety. The first appointment will be at the clinic, physical check, mammogram and maybe an ultrasound. Some hospitals will also do a biopsy at the same time which will speed things up. Good luck xx

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I’m in West Lothian and had the 2 week referral too. My appointment was 2 weeks and 1 day from when I seen the GP so very close to it. It’s a Scotland wide policy/target for 2 week thing so think they’re pretty on the ball with it. I got a letter to tell me about my appointment

As per above, I got a physical check by a surgeon then a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy. It was all done within a couple hours that morning.

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I wish I could afford it but I don’t think I can justify the cost at the moment :cry: I hope everything turned out ok for you?

Thanks - I’m aware of the 2ww in Scotland I just had anxiety it would be a victim of waiting lists. Good to hear you got seen quickly, fingers crossed I’ll get something through soon.

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My letter took a week to come in but the appointment was for a week later. I actually found the breast clinic to be like a well oiled machine tbh couldn’t complain. Hopefully Glasgow is the same as West Lothian!

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I wouldn’t suggest going private - I was just desperate as my initial 2 week wait was extended to 5 weeks and I couldn’t cope! My parents helped to pay for it as they could see the toll it was taking on me. Sounds as though you will be seen within the next couple of weeks hopefully and once you’re in the system it will all move quickly. I’m doing OK thanks, just finished my chemotherapy treatment and getting ready for surgery next month x

Thanks :smiling_face: I’m pretty sure GGC works similarly I’m just quite anxious and not knowing when it’s all going to happen adds to it. Hope you are well x

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Yeah I can understand. In honesty a few years ago I was at a talk with a well respected breast surgeon who said the same, he understood why people went private but said once in the nhs system you may as well stay in there!

Hope you are ok after chemo and good luck with surgery x

Hi @clarahippy,

Sorry to hear that you’re currently waiting on an appointment for the breast clinic, it’s totally expected that you would feel anxious even as you say you’re aware that most people who attend a breast clinic do not have breast cancer.

The forum is a very supportive place and is here for you for any worries you may have, we’re behind you all the way :slight_smile:

If the meantime you need to speak to someone, to ask questions or even just to chat, you can reach our nurses on 0808 800 6000. We’re sending you all our absolutely best :heart:

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