Waiting to be seen

i have had breast pain and a lump deep inside left breast since end feb, I have seen 4 different doctors who have all said various things - inflammation of sac surrounding heart put me on anti inflammatories, mastitis put me on antibiotics none of which have worked. My latest visit to doc last reek resulted in being sent for x-ray which they have said if shows nothing then they will refer me to breast clinic. It is now sore on left side of left breat and under arm and the lump on the right side of same breast has got bigger I can now just about feel it under the skin with my finger tips. All of the docs said to me that it wouldn’t be breast cancer as that isn’t painful. I am very worried as has been going on for a few months now with no answer in sight. Has anyone else experienced similar experience both in symptoms and with docs ?

I’m so sorry to read that after 4 consults with different docs, you still don’t have a solid diagnosis to go on. I get a sense you have been seeing different GP’s?

I don’t know where you are located but the Peggy Wood Breast Care Centre at Maidstone Hospital, Kent, is excellent and care for women with all forms of breast cancer and benign breast problems. The philosophy of care within the unit is to combine a cohesive professional team approach to treatment with a personalised service aimed at involving and supporting patients in decision-making. I can contest to how well I was treated – professional, very competent individual care and the one-stop clinics are led by specialist breast clinicians, who aim to diagnose and treat patients within two weeks of referral. I don’t live within the trust catchment and went seeking a second opinion and glad I did.

I had no lumps, pain and no idea that I had two small tumors and two large areas of DCIS (click my name and read my profile if you wish). I do have experience of trying to find the proper diagnosis and treatment and not being messed about. We have to continue to be an advocate for our care and believe me, that is what I had to do, because who else would if I didn’t?

All my best to you Hellsbells, LB, x (BTW, with a nom plume of Hellsbells, you perhaps have the ability to push till you get what you need more than most, if you get my drift )

It really angers and upsrts me to hear medics say breast cancer does not cause pain. It does. I had pain and so did others too I have spoken with. Why do they persist in this repeating this myth??
Hellsbells, I think you deserve an explanation as to what is causing these symptoms. I think you need to push for a proper explanation.
I know it is exhausting to have to do this, but it is your body and you know when something isn’t right. So keep on.
I had to do this for 10 years with a previous illness. I was repeatedly told there was no explanation for my symptoms. There was! It’s just unfortunate that I had to research and come up with the diagnosis myself.
You have breast symptoms, therefore you need a referral to the breast clinic.
Are they doing that now, for you?

I am waiting for the doctor to call to tell me that is what he is doing, but will only do that off the x-ray I had last week shows nothing. I work in the health profession and my occi health is disgusted said I should have been referred as soon as I said lump back in February. It is very frustrating and worrying - the not knowing either way is the worst. Thank you guys for your posts. Doctors are suppose to know so when they say no pain with breast cancer you believe them

Hi Hellsbells, I had pain too, sharp stinging pains. Like you I was a Health care professional and was always led to believe you did not get pain with breast cancer well that is a load of b’s ! . Keep chasing them ! Take care, Katy.

Hi anyone outhere find breastlump bigger after biopsy, was told bc after biop 17th may got surgery 18th june lump now feels massive, also got lymph involvement dont know how many where its gone yet!!! bc nurses say normal to have larger lump and pain after biop but been ages now wouldnt it have improved, achy pain constantly hard to forget and relax! would appreciate any words of wisdom, thanks