Waiting to get a mammogram

I found a lump on my right breast a few days ago. I was able to see my doctor the next day, thank goodness. He said it’s about 1-2 cm and smooth. I am trying really hard to think positive and not go down a hole. I already have severe anxiety so this just took it to another level. 
 My mom has had breast cancer twice. I did test for the BRCA gene which was negative. I’m 47 and crazy scared. 
I will say I am so glad I do breast exams a couple times a month, but feeling that made my heart sink. 

Hi -Jen1223_

Sorry you’re having to go through this worry, especially on top of your severe anxiety. I do feel for you But I’m glad your GP saw you so quickly.

Did he/she say how long you’re likely to have to wait for a Mammogram appointment? It’s usually pretty rapidly, if/when your doctor can feel a definite lump. I’m going back to 2005, when I found a lump (1cm). Like you, my GP (female) saw me very quickly. Felt the lump and actually picked up the phone there and then, to have me booked into the breast clinic, soon as possible, and I was seen within a couple of days after. So I’m hoping it’s very quickly for you too. 

I sooo hope it turns out to be nothing serious, Jen. Also, I’m sorry to hear about your Mum, and hope she is now keeping well? Am glad to hear you don’t have the gene.

It’s very difficult I know, easier said than done, but try to stay positive. Try and keep yourself, and especially your “mind”, occupied as much as you can, with ANY thing that distracts, or gives you a “lift” - arrange some cheerful company to have a giggle with and steer your mind away from it, comedy films/programmes, crossword puzzles even (I find 'em great to help give my mind a rest from anything that may be troubling me - like to think they improve my intelligence too  ).

Please let us know how you go on, will you, Jen. Lots of love, Delly XX     


Unfortunately the news was not good. They found 4 lumps that look suspicious and I will have a biopsy this afternoon. It hasn’t spread to my lymph nodes, but they will biopsy 2 of the lumps. Currently in complete shock. I’m so thankful my husband was with me. When the radiologist came in I knew it was bad news. 
This is terrifying