waiting to see the ocologist

Hi Ladies

I have done my op 10 days ago- lympy nodes clear. Tumor 1.9cm, grade 3, invasive.

My surgoen and breast care nurse said I would need chemo, radio, next. Still not know if I am HER2 positive or negative nor Homine status.

Wonder what will the ocologist normally do? Before they decide my treatment, is there more test to be done?


Hi Avonlea,

I’ve seen some of your posts, but forgive me, I can’t remember what surgery you were having: SNB, or that & lumpectomy same time? I’m posting as mine is the same size & grade as yours, having chemo before surgey.
Let me know if this is your path…



Hi Lomalinda,

I had Lumpectomy and SNB - test result after that was- tumor 1.9cm, grade 3 invasive, Lympy nodes 4 out all clear.

I am a bit confused- may i know why do you need to have chemo before surgey?



Oh, they wanted to shrink my lump before surgery. Don’t yet know if it was the grade or hormone status, but mostly because I am about 5 foot 1” with fairly small breasts & had a lot of probable non-cancerous tissue pressing around the lump (making it even larger). So really it was to avoid a partial mastectomy…. Which I am grateful for, though I won’t know what my surgery will be until I’m assessed post chemo.

All the women I have met at my hospital who are having a lumpectomy, are having them before surgery, so I don’t think it’s just down to the hospital; more what’s best for each one.

That is great news about the lymph nodes, my SNB was clear too. It made starting the next phase (chemo) a bit easier.

So, I may not be the best help to you, but if I can I will, just ask.
Maybe I can come back to you when I know what my surgery will be to ask about lumpectomies?

I did 4 rounds of EC (not FEC) and am now finishing 4 rounds of Docetaxel.
I’ve posted on the Changing from Epi to Taxotere thread, you might find some answers there. If you are thinking about whether you should be having scans (blood, bone whatever), I don’t know & would like some thoughts on that too.

All the best to you,



Hi Lomalinda

Thanks for the msg and all the best with your chemo- hope you are not affected too much by the side effects etc.

The Lumpectomy i had was 10 days again and now my wound start to heal. Of course would like to share - just let me know anything I could help.

I did some perparation before my op and found it s useful to birng some body/face/fem wipes as it is very helpful in terms cleaning- i was not bothered to take a shower the first couple of days as i did not want to cause any infection.

Also found useful to perpare some opne buttom pyjames- could not get into any vest top for a week!

Anything in particular if you need please feel free to let me know. All in all- the op was not too bad though i was a bit scared before that. But once you overcome yourself- guess that is the hardest part- things became much easier…

good luck with everything and take care


Ah, now I remember some tips you posted, Avonlea. (I love the posts with tips!)
Thanks so much for your kind offer, I’ll get my surgery date in the next few weeks….

All I can remember pre-chemo was that they gave me a good looking over, weighed me for the dosage & then signed a consent form. I knew what drugs I would be having long before that though, so I used that appt. for questions….

Post when you know your drugs & if they’re the same as me I can maybe help!

Speak soon,