Waiting, worry, mind wandering


I felt a lump in my breast around December last year. I visited my GP on 12th Jan and was referred to breast clinic. They offered me a really fast appointment which I had on 17th Jan. When I arrived the practitioner had a feel and said she had no concerns. I was sent for a mammogram and ultrasound clutching fast track discharge info. I thought I was going to be out super fast. I was called for my mammogram quite quickly. Literally 10 mins later I was called back and thought it was for an ultrasound however it was for further mammogram images (spot magnification). Then I had my ultrasound done by the same lady shortly after. I asked her what they had found. She was really reassuring and said it was some calcification and the consultant would have a look at the images. Anyway I waited and watched people who had come after me be called in and then leave then it was my turn. I spoke to the practitioner who said they had found 2 areas of suspicious calcification and that it is likely to be cancerous. To say I was shocked was an understatement. I was told I would need 2 x stereotactic biopsy’s due to the areas been seperate. I am booked in for the 1st one on the 30th Jan and the 2nd on 6th Feb. They can’t be done at the same time due to risk of bleeding/haematoma. They have provisionally booked my results for 14th Feb. 

I feel like I’m in absolute limbo. I’m terrified but trying to be positive for my family. The amount of time between my 1st breast clinic appointment and biopsy will be 2 weeks and to be told that news and no5 know for sure for almost a month is torture.

I am working as normal and trying to focus on other things but I cannot escape the fact that I may be told bad news. 

Has anyone else been in a similar situation?

I can only assume they have seen what they know to look like cancerous images. 

For clarification the lump I felt is nothing, it has nothing to do with what they have found. That is purely incidental. I am 43 years old and just can’t believe this is happening. 

Please let me know of any similar experience. I just want to feel positive but can’t help scary thoughts coming into my head. Xx

Hi Clara Beth…I’m sorry you are in this situation… the waiting and not knowing is awful … in 2012 I attended breast clinic with a lump which turned out to be benign…but also had incidental findings of calcifications which turned out to be DCiS after biopsy…looking back I feel very lucky that I had that benign lump and the cancer was found because I was 47 so still 3 years away from routine breast screening… although at the time I just felt the fear of the diagnosis…there are calcifications which are benign but professionals don’t generally say its likely to be cancer if they are unsure…i like you was very shocked…that is completely  normal…the positives are its very likely to have been caught early and you will get the treatment you need…but I appreciate its very hard to stay positive when you just don’t know…I hope the next couple of week pass quickly for you and you get your results quickly…wishing you well…take good care