Don’t know where to start…

having a heightened sensitivity in my left nipple and aches and pains in my left breast for a few weeks, I decided to do a full breast examination (a week ago today).  When gently pressing around my nipple I lost some cloudy like discharge with bright red blood, this happened again on the Sunday. I couldn’t feel any lumps etc but the discharge worried me so I called my GP.

I got into the drs on Monday and she did a full breast examination. She said my right breast felt fine but did find 2 lumps in my left breast - one underneath and one on the left hand side.  She’s referred me to the two wait screening centre and my appointment came through today.  It’s a week today.

I’m a busy mum of 4 and a primary school teacher (aged 35).  I’m trying not to think the worst but it’s so, so hard.

Hi , the waiting is the pits isn’t it !! No matter how rational you try to be the fear creeps up on you -if only people could be seen straight away .

The vast majority of breast lumps are not cancer - they are cysts and other non cancerous growths . Most people referred to the breast clinic do not have cancer .Your GP will be referring you as a precaution because without the aid of a scan / mammogram she can’t say for sure what going on inside .There are also a number of “ non cancer “ explanations for discharge from nipple.

Try and keep busy -sounds like that won’t be a problem with 4 children and a teaching job !!! Keep talking here - there is lots of support from people who understand how you are feeling .

Best wishes Jill x