Hey girls.

It seems I’m part of your gang. I’ve recently been diagnosed with invasive BC but have had to go through a mammotome first so that the doctors can decide how drastic the surgery I need will be. Yes I’m waiting for results. I was very impressed that some of you had surgery and were out the same day! I hope that’s me but I won’t know until the 21st.

Hi and welcome to the gang that no-one wants to be in … once you are here tho you will be made most welcome and given loads of support.

Sorry that you’ve had a dx tho. As you have discovered the waiting is hellish - and we always seem to be waiting for something, but we all get there in the end.

I had WLE and node sampling and was out the next day … off work for 2 weeks then back full time til rads started. Compared to a lot of the other’s I’ve had a relatively easy go of things and mine is sort of all over bar the shouting.

Oncology are keeping me on monthly check-ups for the time being as there is an issue with my ovaries remaining active … and talk of intervention … they’ve said if ‘we’ can de-activate my ovaries (I think they mean ‘they’ cos I’ve not got an ovary de-activation kit in my kitchen cupboard!) then they will move me to 3 monthly check-ups … so now I am waiting for my ovaries to de-activate.

Let us know how things are going - ask whatever questions you have, there is no such thing as a stupid question on here - whatever you want to know someone is bound to have an answer.

Hi there,

Sorry you have had to join the gang but really very supportive here. I hope you get what you need from everyone. The waiting is hell isn’t it? It seems to be the norm with everyone here but try and hang in there and I hope they get back to you very soon. Keep chatting on here, it is a real tonic - lilacblushes above made me laugh out loud :slight_smile:

Take care and all the best
Hayley x

Thanks girls.
I’m so new at all this that it’s taken me ages to find your responses!! No doubt it will become easier.
I’ve woken up early again I just lie in bed panicking about my ‘usual’ aches and pains wondering if in fact they aren’t ‘usual’ and that the c is spreading like wild fire. Can’t wait to begin treatment so that I feel I’m doing something. I feel ridiculous to be worrying so much as it’s SO unlike me and indeed I had waltzed into consultant on my own convinced he was going to send me away and tell me to stop wasting their time! I only eh?

Love to all

Hi there,
Just wanted to wich you luck for tomorrow - let us know how you get on
love Hayley x

Hi dpulford

Breast Cancer Care have published a Resources Pack which you may find helpful to read, it is filled with information to help you better understand your diagnosis, test results and the various treatments available. You can download it from the following link or you can ask for a copy to be sent to you via the helpline:


I hope you find this helpful.

Kind regards

BCC Facilitator