i had a mamogram yesterday which was given as a formality as have shoulder pain. I have had painful breast since october and cant lay on it but put this down to shoulder and deferred pain. The consultant didnt seem too worried. I had my mamogram and it picked up 5 areas for concern, 4 in the painful side and one in the other.
I had needle biopsy on both breasts yesterday and am gobsmacked as the waitin is horrid. Dont get results for another 3 weeks. Do i have anything to worry about??? What are the danger signs for breat cancer as i cant feel any obvious lumps but have just had pain, i thought things were ok and now cant stop thinking about the what ifs.

Hi Paula and welcome to the forums,

I am sure your fellow users will be along shortly with support, you are also welcome to call our helpliners for further support and a ‘listening ear’ if you feel it would help to talk things over with someone in confidence. The number to call is 0808 800 6000 weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

Best wishes

Hi Paula
I know how your feeling waiting for the results,its driving me mad.
I had my mammogram,scan & deep core biopsy on Thurs and have had an app for the results for Tues 3rd March.I haven’t got as long to wait as you have thank God.Did they tell you why it was a 3 week wait ?
I found a lump in Nov but it has now gone and the mass they have found is deeper in my breast and I can’t feel it. I also have been getting a lot of pain in my breast and also down my arm.
Take care
Jo x

Jo and Paula, I’m in the same boat!! Had mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy last Tues and back for results on tues 3rd, like u Jo! The waiting lets the imagination work overtime! I too didn’t know i had as lump just had a pain in my armpit, so it was a shock. Thinking of you both Debs x

Hi Debs
Hope all goes well for you on Tues and all this worrying has been for nothing.
Jo x

Hi Jo and Debs

I hope all things go well for you both, i have no idea why i have too wait so long they said the earlier clinic was fully booked so had to be fitted into another clinic. Shame for me as i would like to know one way or the other so i can move forward which ever way that may be. What are the warning signs for breat cancer? What else could these lumps be? I have done some reading but it is a mine field and very confusing…
Thank you to all for there support…

I keep reading and everyones symptoms seem to be different so I’m just as confused, but now just expecting to be told it is bc on Tues. Thinking of you all Debs x

All I keep hearing is you will be ok as you have pain and if it was bc you wouldn’t have any.I have also now convinced myself it is bc at least on Tues I will be prepared for the worse case.
I was told that the mass could be a fibrodema but she was uncertain because of the shape.
Jo x

i had test results today fibrioma in one breast but other breast results inconclusive so need another scan got to wait another six weeks now…should i be worried if inconclusive test result