Hi I am new to here. I found a llymph, had mammogram Monday followed by ultrasound where the consultant told me I had a tumour. I had a breast biopsy and lymph node biopsy done there and then. At no point did he say you’re 36 its likely to be benign I got a lot of its not a death sentence, treatments are good, please bring someone with you next week as a lot of info will go over your head? Then the dr telling me her sister law bead diagnosed with breast cancer 2 months ago and is doing great? Is this normal for them to talk like this, we’re they telling me I had cancer? Wish I just asked now but was in shock? It’s their reaction and words that are going over and over in my head not the fact I might have breast cancer? I would appreciate what you honestly think I just want to know if having the lymph node biopsy as well at this stage is normal with them telling me its not a cyst and no mention of benign tumour are theme getting prepAred? It’s their words that are going round and round my head not the fact I may have breast cancer, any advice appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Emsie

I think they were telling you, in a very unprofessional way in my opinion, that it is likely that you have breast cancer. Perhaps the doctor thought that telling you about her sister-in-law was meant to re-assure you?

When I had my mammogram/ultrasound/biopsy the consultant just said that it was “rather worrying” which in some ways prepared me for being told that it was cancer.

The best advice I can give you at the moment is DO NOT Google as a lot of the information is out-of-date and inaccurate. Anything you want to ask, have a rant about or just pour out your worries, just come on here and you’ll get lots of support.

(((hugs))) Maggie xx

Hi Emsie,
I have to agree with Maggie, the professionals use all sorts of vague descriptions to get round saying a lump or tumour is likely to be cancerous. My consultant said my lump was ‘suspicious’ after my initial tests, and warned me that even if the biopsies they took came back clear, further investigation would be necessary.
As it happens, the biopsies did show cancer cells, so in a way I was prepared for the outcome…although I sometimes did manage to convince myself it would be something else!
It’s so worrying, this waiting, whatever stage you’re at - I hope you haven’t got long to wait for the results, and good luck!
Annie x

Dear Emsie

I am sorry that you are here, but in a real good way, its the best place to be, everyone is lovely and best of all we understand your fears. We too are in the same boat. Its hard to say, but remember you will be in good hands - albeit in an unconventional way - I think they were trying to say, we DO SURVIVE. believe me there are a lot of us in cyber space at the present moment.
Do you do YOGA if you do try deep breathing it helps with releasing the anxiety (it comes back) but it helps for a few moments, and it relaxes the body. YOU have got to be fighting fit to get rid of the little b…s AND you will.
It is just a long journey that none of us want to be on. BUT tiny steps and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Goodness me gushy gushy - I’m waiting for my results 12th July.

Thank you for your advice, I’ve since had a letter telling me my results will be next Wednesday at general surgery clinic I called up here and spoke to a nurse and called my own GP who’s always said it straight. Neither were happy with what they told me on Monday. I have always had it in my head I’m going in to find what stage/type cancer I have and any other news will be a bonus. The waiting is so hard, this week is dragging and its going to be a long weekend! Thank you so much for your words and support

Thank you for replying I called the nurses on here in the end as I just kept replaying their words over and over I have my appointment for results next wed still feel ages away! I think I am prepared for the worst and anything else is a bonus, thank you for your words of advice x

I agree with the others the dr has been very unprofessional. I know it’s very hard but please try not to worry.
I’m actually wanting to ask what your lymph node was like. I have had a swelling and occasional pain in my left arm pit and a lump below my left nipple since march. However, during my first breast clinic visit the consultant didn’t even examine me properly and told me to go home as its just fatty tissue. It’s been over 3 months and the swelling is still there looks more swollen and I get sharp pains in my armpit and at the top of my left breast. The lump below the nipple also seems larger. Don’t know what to do. Just want some proper answers and someone to run some tests at the very least an ultrasound. I would really appreciate it if you could tell me about your symptoms.

Hi. I agree with the others and I think they were telling you that what they found was likely to be BC. I’m glad you’ve since spoken to your gp and the nurses and got a more sympathic response. Personally it annoys me when people say ‘xxx had ‘it’ and they’re doing fine’ because unless you’ve had ‘it’ you don’t know what it’s like to be on this rollercoaster. Take someone with you next week as it will be a lot to take in. You certainly learn to be very patient during this process. I hope all goes well wednesday. Let us know how you get on xx
na80. I would go back to your doctors or phone the clinic and try and get seen again. I don’t want to worry you but all lumps, pains and changes to the breasts should be checked out. My initial pain was in my armpit, it was the dr who found the lumps in my breast. Good luck and I hope you get some answers soon x

Again thanks for the rreplies its going to be a long weekend :frowning: na80 I have had lumpy breast after having my first child 7 years ago and from 2006-2008/9 all my lumps turned out to be cysts. I found this lump 6 weeks ago it large size of a grape, went to dr she said probably cyst grown but would refer me anyway and I got see Monday! He said I had a tumour looked sinister and said he wanted to do a breast and lymph node biopsy. I can’t feel anything under my arm put doesn’t feel different to me? I would say keep on and on at them you know your boobs and body keep on at them and u will be seen x good luck

Dear Emsie

How you doing?


Hi Georgina I’m doing ok thanks, I can finally say I find out what’s what tomorrow, its been a long week! I just need to know now to plan I’m one of them find out what’s going on and plan and do it!
Will update tomorrow, thanks for asking after Ems x

Hi Emsie
Not too long now. Have you got someone to go with you tomorrow?
Home alone this week, OH has had to go back to work, he bought me a box of chocs yesterday - what a sweetie.
Feeling a little blue - so sorry I feel like I’m contacting everyone today just for a chat. Going to see my Doctor tonight to get the bandages removed, feel a little swollen and sore - again imagination is running away with me.

It is cancer but looks like not spread got sentinel lymph node biopsy next week and masectomy after this at some point followed by chemo. I’m ok I was prepared for it x

I am so sorry for your bad news. I am glad you feel prepared for it. I hope that you will find some inner strength that will keep you uplifted and ready to fight through this. Women the weaker sex? That will be the day! We are made of strong stuff. Big hugs. ((()))

Im so sorry, i know it’s hard but it’s good you’re feeling positive already! Hugs for you x

I want to say such comforting things to you - but I know it won’t help. So do what I did kick the s…t out of a cardboard box - god it will feel real good, then you have a bloody good cry, then you eat Ben and Jerrys most chocolately gooey ice cream you can find. Then sit in the garden and feel fat and contented, and don’t worry too much about the broken toes - hee hee


Hi Emsie

I’m sorry to read of your diagnosis. As well as the support you are receiving on the forums you might find it helpful to order the BCC resources pack. It has been specifically designed for those newly diagnosed and contains information to help you better understand your diagnosis, test results and the various treatments available. If you would like to order a copy just follow the link bellow:-


Also, do give the helpline a ring if you need any further support or information. They’re on 0808 800 6000. Open 9-5 Monday to Friday and 10-2 Saturday.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

Hi Emsie

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis though it probably didn’t come as too much of a shock after the doctor’s crass comments last week.

If you’re anything like me, I was actually quite relieved to get the diagnosis…the waiting, wondering and worrying were worse.

Cyber hugs ((())) Maggie xx

Hi Sam
I think your post was meant for Emsie?

Thanks ThinLizzie, I have amended it.