Good morning ladies!!

To all you our there like me who are waiting for rest results and appointment. It’s the pits! I have decided that today will be National Don’t Let The Waiting Get You Down Day!!! Ok bit of a mouth full.

Today do something you love and make sure you enjoy every second of it whether that’s taking a nice country walk or bungee jumping. Whatever floats your boat.

Me, I’m off to my Longbow Archery club this morning to shoot some stuff (Great stress reliever), nice walk with my dog. Then tonight I am off ghost hunting with my friends. Great day planned!

Let me know what you’re getting up to.


Cassie x

Love it! I have had a three week pause between appointments and I honestly feel like life has been on hold. And it’s hard to get back to ‘normal’ (whatever that is now) when you know you have appointments and treatment ahead of you. So I will take a leaf out of your book - go out for coffee with a friend, walk my dogs and basically fill my day with lovely stuff. And I might eat some cake too.


Go for it Rosie! I like the eating cake idea I’ll have to fit that in somewhere today.

Have a wonderful day x

Morning ladies yesterday has gone thank goodness - a rubbish day. Today I’m getting stuff ready for our Lake District holiday - we leave next Saturday so I will bto busy sorting out rucksacks, maps, kit, etc. I was in the Territorial Army a good few years ago and I still love all the yomping in the hills! This afternoon we are off to a 50th birthday BBQ ? in the village. So that’s a chance for a 2 mile walk through the lanes and a few drinkie poos with good company at the other end. The best part is none of them know about my BC as they are not close friends or family so I will definitely get a chance to completely forget about it for a few hours! Have a good day everyone. Anita xxx

Ooo your days sound nice! I’m taking my littles (4&6yrs) to a gymnastics trial and then out to lunch with a friend and her daughter too. I may have a cheeky spritzer with lunch as a treat … I’ve not had alcohol since starting chemo!

Morning ladies…the waiting game is pants!!  I’ve had a lumpectomy but had to then wait for results then wait for Oncotype Dx results then wait to see what treatment consultant & Oncologist think I need and now have to wait til 14 Sept for appointment with Oncologist to find out my treatment plan…SO I’ve now decided to go on holiday on 18th Sept and if they want my treatment to start before I get back then they will have to wait for me for a change!!


Its a lovely sunny day here in Norwich so I’m determined to paint a smile on my face and have a good day, wasn’t that positive yesterday but we all know that those bad days are gonna happen!


Happy Saturday ?

Sounds like you’ve got a good day planned WhyteFawn and everyone else too!

I’m off to meet a friend for coffee in a quaint little town that’s nearby, so I think I’ll definitely have some cake Rosie :smileyhappy: and maybe a mooch around the shops.

YD is bringing new boyfriend round for a cuppa this afternoon-I met him for the first time last week and he seems nice, but I’ll get another chance to interrogate him later! :smileyhappy:  xxx


Morning ladies.
Try to enjoy yourselves whatever you are doing. Yes, it will always be at the back of our minds and it’s there but put other things at the front for a change.
Before my chemo starts on Monday I’ve had 3 weeks to wait and just wanted it to start but in a way was good as organised wig and ordered hats etc. Mum visiting from overseas has helped and still going into work.
Mind you seeing people coming in at work reduced me to tears on a few occasions but I’m a bit of a cry baby!
Well it’s finally hit me that it’s happening after seeing chemo nurse yesterday so I have 2 days to keep occupied (I’m going into work)
Chin up and enjoy the sunshine. It’s lovely here in Cheshire.xxx


Morning All


Great to see everyone has something nice planned for today.  I’m seeing the boyf in a bit - or to paraphrase WhyteFawn’s instruction “doing someone I love”. Ha ? 


AnitaJane, so good that you’re off to the Lakes for a holiday. It really is a special place - I find it very healing and rejuvenating. Planning to go there soon, it’s so gorgeous in the Autumn and I’m near enough that I can nip there and back in a day. Highly recommended for anyone who needs some time away from all the appointments and scans to get your head together… 

Sounds like you are all going to have a lovely day. The sun is shining here too. We had nice cooked breakfast and now we are chilling listening to music, chatting with our adult children, drinking good coffee and recovering from a good night out last night. Have a great day peeps x