I have been reading this forum for some sanity as a non-member since I went to see my GP on 25th October with a sore lump in my left breast.  I have just joined as I feel ready to post now.  I had my appointment at the breast clinic yesterday.  Having convinced myself everything was going to be fine it was a bit of a shock when I had to have two rounds of biopsys.   The first set of mammograms found an area they wanted to have a look at more closely which was near the lump I had felt.  I went back in and had another round and then was whipped off to the ultrasound department where they did three core needle biopsys while looking at the area on the ultrasound machine.  I didn’t have time to really think about it and they were doing it before I had time to have a flap.  They have apparently put a ‘marker’ in there too so they can find the spot again.  I then went to see the consultant who showed me the mammogram results, showed me where they had taken the samples from the dark area - but then hit me with we have found what we think are some calcium spots (they looked like tiny pin heads and bright white on the screen) and we want to do some more biopsys on that area now. 


They sent me for a mammogram where they sit you down and take samples while you are attached to the machine - five this time.  Again I didn’t really have time to think about it.  I am quite glad really it all happened at one time - I would never have been able to gear myself up to face that if I had had time to think about it.


They then took some more mammograms and, after the consultant had had a look to make sure they could see what they needed to, they told me I could go home.  They gave me a letter with an appointment to go back on Thursday this week for the results. 


I was alright until I got back to work - when it suddenly hit me it was very quick to be going back.  I have spoken to one of the lovely helpline nurses here yesterday and she was great.  But still flapping that it is all a bit quick.  I know the waiting is awful (I was a mess while I was waiting for the appointment for the clinic),  and I am terrified for Thursday with what they might say. 


I have got a very sore boob today too - feeling sorry for myself.  Thank you for listening.

Hi Crocrazy,
First of all, welcome to the forum, there’s loads of support here.
It is normal practice in this situation to get the results within a week or 2, so don’t read anything into it, it does not necessarily mean it’s bc, but of it is, then treatment is excellent now & thankfully, it will get dealt with.
As you know, the waiting is horrible & is often the worst part when going through this as the mind does go into overdrive somewhat.
All the best for Thursday & do let us know how you get on.
ann x

How did it go today crocrazy? Been thinking about you as I have my appointment at breast clinic in the morning.xx

I had my first breast screening 7 weeks ago, they told me it takes 2 weeks for results, didn’t hear anything so happy thinking everything must be o.k. Then bang today I revived a letter saying I need to go back and see a Specialist next week. So upset and fuming that it’s taken so long

Sorry for the late response.  My news from the breast clinic results appointment were not what I had been hoping for.  I have been diagnosed with DCIS and my treatment starts on Monday next week.  First stop is a visit to the nuclear medicine department for an injection Monday morning, then I am having a wire marker on Tuesday morning and a WLE and SNB on Tuesday afternoon.  Apparently I have got to have 15 sessions of radiotherapy when the wound is healed.  Everyone has been lovely but it is like a whole new world I don’t want to be part of. I shall be very glad when it is this time next week and the op is over.  I am trying not to think about the surgeon not getting clear margins, I am due some good luck now, fingers crossed. X 

Hi I just wanted you to know you are not alone going through this process. I am at present 1 week after my op, lumpectomy and removal of sentinel node. I am recovering very well from the procedure.still have dressing on my boob but under arm is now clear and scar seems to be healing well. I have to wait until 24th for test results. This is the absolute pits part!! I have dealt with the physical side and any pain albeit with a few panicky moments, tears and melt downs, but waiting to find out if they got it all and if I now will need chemo, her2 borderline, is just tipping me over the edge!! Anxiety monster looms down on me almost every day no matter what diversion tactics i try!! It’s good to offload on here!! Best wishes.

Hi Crocrazy,


I’m similar to you but slightly further down the treatment line.  I had WLE for DCIS 6 weeks ago today, a week after diagnosis.  Luckily I had clear margins, have recovered well and start radiotherapy next Wednesday.  It’s all been really quick.  All the waiting at each stage is definitely the hardest part. Best wishes for next week, I’ll be thinking of you.  Let us know how you get on, there’s lots of kindness and support here xxx

I have to agree Helena; as you know I got myself all worked up about the injection. When it came down to it it really wasn’t that bad at all!! I’ve had worse giving blood!! The wire thing was
Slightly uncomfortable but bearable, by that time I was past caring anyway and just wanted them to do the op!! Please don’t worry if I can do it anyone can!!

Ps they don’t inject straight into your nipple it’s just an area ouside xx

Hi yes i felt exactly the same as you at the biopsies; no time to worry about it!! All the very best for your procedures look forward to hearing from you after and i am sure you will be ok.??