I have an operation date for a month’s time for a right mastectomy + SNB and left axillary clearance. (Had the left mastectomy 30 Aug, found to be lobular cancer, nodes involved. MRI then showed lump right breast, biopy shows cancer there too.) CT scan clear.

My mum is doing my head in with the ‘that’s a long time to wait, can’t you get it done any sooner?’

She’s got me worried. I’m a doctor, and I know if it’s spread then it’s spread and another 4 weeks aren’t going to make a huge difference. I appreciate it’s a big op, and they’re getting me in as soon as they can.

But it also means the chemo and radio are getting put back as well, and I’m going to be off work even longer…



I know your Mum is worried for you, but you could do without that added worry! This is going to sound obvious but you just ask her not to? Perhaps if she realised how much it upsets you. As I said, l know she’s worried and having a sick child (regardless of how old they are!) is awful but she’s being a bit selfish in my opinion and , given the circumstances, the only person entitled to be selfish at the moment is you. You’ve had major surgery just a month ago, never mind all the worry and anxiety, your body needs time to recover and your mind some time to process. I do hope you’re okay.

Hello Pastasmissus,

So sorry to hear cancer was found on the other side. Better it was found now than later, and that is brill that the CT is clear.

I agree with Citty. Your mum seems to be showing her own anxiety, obviously she will be worried about you but maybe does not realise that it has a negative effect on you so maybe just say how it is affecting you.

I am sure you have told your. BCN/surgeon that you will accept an earlier spot if possible but apart from that, what else can you do.

It must be challenging to go through this a second time so soon after the first time. It is so frustrating when a treatment plan changes and is extended when all you want to do is get on with it. Work will just have to go on the backburner for now unless you feel able to reduced working at times through your treatment.

Wishing you all the best,
Chick ? X

Yes, she is worried because my dad died from kidney cancer 18 months ago.


Hello Pastasmissus,

So sorry to hear about your dad. What a time it must have been and contnues to be for you and your family. Best wishes to you all.
Chick ? X

Hi Helen Ann

I had a mass in left breast, biopsy suggested ductal. Consultant offered MRI to delineate it so I could have WLE, but as my aunt has had breast cancer 4 times, I went for a mastectomy which meant I didn’t need the MRI. The mastectomy result came back as lobular, so I got MRI and CT 3 weeks postmastectomy (would not have been able to lie on my front for the MRI any earlier than this!) which showed it in the other breast. So going for a right mastectomy plus SNB and left axillary clearance (unfortunately had +ve node at SNB).

Need radio and chemo after. Just hoping right SNB is clear, otherwise there will be further delay while I get a right axillary clearance…