wakame seaweed

supposed to be more effective than the chemo drug 5 flouricil at killing cancer cells in thelab.

where would you get this and what do you do with it??

can get it at health food shops, tastes fantastic and if it does that im off to get some! Nikki xxx

I believe seaweed is also used in connection with thyroid problems… at least it’s certainly helped a good friend of mine who had an over active thyroid. Doc said there was no cure and she is now cured and about to have a baby (another thing they said wouldn’t be possible in her case) It’s potent stuff, first I’ve heard about killing cancer cells though. Certainly must have less side effects than 5FU, yuk hated that.

It is the IODINE in the seaweed which appears to kill the cancer cells. Buy it at health food stores. Japan consumes the highest amount of Iodine and has the lowest incidence of breast cancer… It is non toxic (do your research first) Also Vitamin D, again search the web. As for no cure for Thyroid problems that Doctor should go back to school (or retire…