War in the blood documentary on BBC2 last night

I just wondered if anyone saw this documentary? It featured my son’s lab at UCL, his boss being Martin Pule who has done extensive work on CAR T cell immunotherapy, which is a ground breaking new treatment, currently only for blood cancers. It focussed on 2 patients on the phase 1 trial but was very hard to watch because it failed in both patients.

I’m not sure what I feel about the documentary because it did not show the patients who are successfully in remission. Just interested in other people’s views.

I saw this documentary and my thoughts are the same as yours .difficult to watch ,very well done but would like to have more information about the other patients who are in remission


lets hope for a breakthrough like this for breast cancer ,and all cancers |xxx

Stillhere :heart:It was very informative and the amazing people and their families who allowed their journeys to be followed are beyond words amazing, it’s because of them and the research and trials that lives are being saved and that gives me hope that one day soon they de-code and find ways to fight all cancers, the words at the start from Martin Pule I think it was said ‘we are close’ so ???they have the eureka moment and everything just clicks which it is doing step by step. Please pass on my thanks to your son, his boss and the teams and the amazing families who shared their stories with us all ??:sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx