Warning about an upsetting email

Have thought long and hard as to whether to post about this on here … but after much deliveration thought it best to mention it.

I received an email yesterday with an attachement entitled ‘Wash’… the friend who sent it to me realised it was a mistake and sent a 2nd email telling me not to open it but I opened the 1st before the 2nd.

The email attachement included text warning about washing all underwear - particularly bras before wearing and went on to tell about a lady who bought a new bra and wore it straight out of the package - it went on to say that there had been a parasite in the garment … I won’t go on cos it is not a nice story - below the text there was pictures of the damage to this ladies breast.

Now usually I am not a squeemish person and can generally look at most stuff without being upset or feeling sick … however this one had a bit of an effect on me. My friend is now feeling really bad about sending it to me … and I’ve played down the effect it had on me.

I just thought that I would issue a warning to you all that if you ger the email entitled WASH … and there is a chance you will cos these things do tend to do the rounds… please do not risk opening it and upsetting yourselves.

If you look on Hoax Slayer, you will see that this email is a hoax. It says that the ‘rash’ in the picture of the lady’s breast is, in fact, a lotus seedpod! It shows a lotus seedpod and it is almost exactly the same! Makes you wonder at the mind set of the people who make up these hoaxes.

My sister sent me one last year, full of “funny” cartoons about women going for mammograms and ending up with flat sticky out breasts. I was so very angry and emailed her to tell her so. She has been in denial ever since I was diagnosed and it has driven a huge wedge between us. She lives abroad and is coming back in July, I’ve decided to go away as I don’t want to see her. When she came last year I was in a hospital isolation room. She was in no hurry to visit and when she did she said “oh aren’t you fat at the moment?” I was on a major dose of steroids at the time.

Thanks for that Pinkcyrstal … somehow knowing that the email was a hox makes it less upsetting. I did wonder to be honest cos there were 2 pictures in the email and the ‘breasts’ looked very different considering they were supposed to be of the same person.

As I said I am usually not squeamish at all but it did make me feel quick sick … it also played on my mind and upset me more than I thought it would.

Would just hate to think that someone else got this email and got upset.

Cherub - sorry I missed your post yesterday, looking at the timing I think we posted at the same time as each other.

I got the email with the funny cartoons on it the other day & I actually had a laugh at it, but I know it would upset some ppl.

I’m so very sorry to hear about the way your sister has been towards you, her comment about your weight was seriously insensitive. It’s sad when you feel you need to go away to avoid her when she comes to visit. I hope that in time you and your sister can make up and have a better relationship.