Warning Auxiliary Lymph Node wrist bands

A warning to everyone regarding the auxiliary lymph node wrist bands. I purchased one some weeks ago, having had three lymph nodes taken from my right armpit, I spoke to a lady who already had one and had pointed out, if I was unconsious and had to be treated, they would probably use my right arm for both bp and canula needles. 


On Monday I was rushed into hospital with a very high temperature and what turned out to be an infection at 5am with my husband following by car and not being able to keep up with the ambulance, fortunatly I was still concious and was able to tell the ambulancman that he could not use my right arm.


I was also wearing the mauve wrist band that I wore all the time with the warning of not using this arm for bp or needles. The ambulance people did not look at the band and in the hospital non of the nurses or doctors did, they see so many on people, they disregaurd them as being of any significans. It was only the fact that I was able to tell people that I had a picc line in my left arm and auxiliary lymph node removal on the right.


I’m now looking to find something else and it will probably be something like an sos bracelett. But if anyone else can come up with a suggestion for something that would let these wonderful health services know, I would appreciate any input.


I am now home, not totally well yet, but I hope on the road to recovery and to face what I hope with be my last EC on the 27th, before starting Pacletaxol in January.

Pinklilly so sorry to hear what you’ve been though and glad to hear you’re starting to recover.
I’ve literally just ordered a bracelet but I must admit, at the back of my mind I did wonder if they might be ignored. I’m so new to this it’s really worrying isn’t it. Will have to get my thinking cap on !
Take care, stay strong and I really hope you feel much better soon xx Melanie

Hi pinklily

I haven’t got ìdeas for you but I appreciate the warning. Like you I have  a PICC line, which is in my right arm and am due to have some lymph nodes removed from my left armpit  in a few months. I did wonder what would happen if I ended up in a similar situation as yourself. Something else to run by my onc or one of the nurses. If I find any information I’ll try and remember to check out this post again…