Was it just me or is Zoladex injection awful!!

I went for mt first zoladex injection a couple of days ago and even though I had expected it to be uncomfortable it was so much worse than I expected… I was close to tears afterwards partly at the pain and partly at the idea of having to do it every 4 weeks for the next 3 years. Its 2 days on and my stomach is still sore, its like the muscle is painful, when I go to sit myself up it hurts.

Is this normal or was I just unlucky? I’m dreading the next one.

Hi. I had my most recent zoladex injection yesterday. What I’ve found is it seems to depend on the nurse giving you the injection - some seem to have a better technique than others. I have had some nurses give it to me and it doesn’t hurt at all and others where it has stung quite a bit. I don’t know if this applies to you but I’m also quite skinny so one of the issues is finding enough spare skin to inject. One nurse suggested bending my knees and lifting them so my feet are touching my bottom - this then creates a bit of spare skin around my tummy for them to inject. Since then I’ve found them a lot easier. Also just try and relax. If you’re tense that won’t help x 


I agree with the other post , it depends on the nurse.  I got mine yesterday and boy did it sting!  I had immediate reconstruction early August using my own tissue from my tummy  (I’ve been on zoladex since February) and I feel it’s hurt more since my procedure so perhaps having more spare skin helps .

you can also ask for a numbing spray to be applied to the area first , it may help .

Goid luck! 

Seconding (thirding?) that it depends on the nurse’s technique. I’m not finding them too bad usually (I’ve had four so far) - maybe because I have plenty of ‘spare skin’ lol! - but the last one had to be done by the district nurse as I was recovering from surgery and couldn’t get to the GP’s. That one was awful - she basically stabbed me and left! I was bleeding all over the place! Not the usual experience, so yeah - def seems to be down to the person wielding the needle.