Was your ct scan results quick when mets found??

Hi all just wondering about ct results as I am panicking about mine !! Those of you with secondaries found on a ct scan did you get results quick ? I spoke to consultants secretary yestoday and she said it had been reported on but had not been signed off by radiologist yet . But said she would show the results to the doctor and he would drop me a line prob end of next week . Then asked did I have an appointment to come. Back? NO. I don’t but now have another long wait. Experience s please !!! Rozita x

Hi Rozitta,

I am sorry no-one has replied to your question yet.  


I can’t help very much as the only CT scan I had was soon after my diagnosis in 2010, and I am lucky enough to be NED after a primary diagnosis.  At the time of the CT I asked how long it would take for results to come through and they said around ten days - my oncologist nearly went ballistic when I told him that, as he could not start my chemo without the results.  Anyway, he phoned them and got it sorted.


Fast forward to 2012 and I had some bleeding caused by endometrial thickening that required biopsies to be taken.  I was told I’d get the results within four weeks (!) and when I had heard nothing phoned in, went through a whole palaver over three days before finally getting to someone who said much the same as you were told - results in, not signed off, can’t give you them.  I laid it on a bit thick, cancer patient blah, blah, and they then arranged to get permission from the doctor to give me results by phone (they had to ring me).  It was another full month before the letter arrived.  The reason I am telling you this is that when I pressed them, they said that if there was anything  of concern that they would have contacted me straight away.  I also know one or two ladies who have been called in early for results of scans when something has shown up.  Whilst I  can’t say for definite this is the case for you, the rule of thumb really does seem to be ‘no news is good news’.


Don’t know if that helps - you may just need to keep badgering them.