Wasp sting on 'at risk arm'

I’ve been stung by a wasp under my arm on my ‘at risk arm’ 4 hours ago and it is still very painfull. I don’t know whether this is normal with a wasp sting and whether this is going to cause me a problem with Lymphodema, there is no swelling at the moment but it is very sore and feels knumb in the area and extremely painful. I’m quite worried about it now, has anyone got any advise?

Hi, You should have a 24 hour helpline number in your book, you may need antibiotics. Please give them a ring, might save any problems tomorrow!
Sandra x

Thanks Sandra x

what was the outcome of this please, for future reference!

Hi worried

It is quite normal for the pain from wasp stings to last anything from several hours to up to a week. An allergic reaction would almost always be evident within half an hour, with only rare exceptions. For pain relief an ibuprofen or anti-histamine would be good, if you are able to take them - I don’t know what other meds you are on, so best to check. Keep the sting area as clean as possible to prevent infection, maybe apply a local antibiotic cream. A paste of baking soda can also help. I’m afraid I don’t know what the early signs of lymphodema are, but I would think it is a good sign that there is no swelling.

Hope it is better soon. finty x

I have recently had a wasp sting on the hand of my “at risk” arm where I already have lymphodema and my hand swelled quite alarmingly. I went to the doctors and was prescribed Piriton 3 times a day and Calamine lotion for the itching.
It`s taken about 3 weeks to get back to normal.

I have quite bad lymphoedema and was bitten by a mosquito about a month ago on upper arm. Immediately applied TCP and it went within days. The important thing is not to scratch it and break the skin.