Wasp Sting

I have lymphoedema in my left arm and have had one bout of cellulitis last year.

I was stung by a wasp yesterday on my forearm on the bad side. The redness has subsided but I have a sore prickly itching in my armpit. I then managed to cut my finger on a sharp knife whilst washing up !! I have been so careful and now 2 things in one day.
I have tried to speak to the lymphodema nurse I see but she is not in till Thursday. Should I see my GP? Any advice welcomed

SNAP !! this morning i cut my finger on a knife sticking out of the dishwasher, then this afternoon i cut my thumb all on my affected side, i am just getting on top of my lymphodeama, i have put cream and plasters on them and as long as they dont look red or nasty they are ok just keep your eye on it
galen x