Wat are the signs of lymphodemia

Hav got a swelling in my arm n swollen at th wrist bone havin it checked tmoro just wondered wat th first symptoms were. Rozita xxxx

Hi Rozita

I thought you may find the BCC lymphodeoma publication helpful to read whilst you await replies from your fellow users:


Best wishes

hi Rozita

I have lymphodeoma my symptoms at first were an aching arm,swelling in my arm and wrist and my hand also swelled.I had to wear a glove and sleeve at first but my hand has gone down now so I just have the sleeve.
Hope all goes well tomorrow.

Mel xx

Havnt been on this site in a while but always glad it is here when i have a problem.
I have I think an infection in my elbow am worried it will turn into lymphodemia just wanted to know what to do…

Hi linna

Go to your GP and if it is an infection they will give you antibiotics.Its also handy to keep some antiseptic wipes with you incase of cuts and scratches.

Mel xx

Ring your breast care nurses. GPs are not lymphoedema specialists. Lymphoedema can start at anytime and at first can be only slight. I first noticed my hand was swollen. Immediate attention and treatment is of the essence. Yes your GP will prescibe antibiotics if it is an infection and I always carry a supply if i go away on holiday.