Waterproof Dressing Removal

I had a lumpectomy on Thursday and I have dissolvable stiches and over the top there is a waterproof dressing/giant plaster. Now I can’t remember when they said to take the top dressing off since they told me not long after properly waking up. Does anyone know or have any idea when it should be taken off or will it begin to fall of?

Hi. Hope you’re recovering well from your surgery. I was told a week and to soak it off in the shower to avoid making the skin sore as it peeled off. Hope that helps xx

I had my snb and lumpectomy on Wednesday but diddnt have any dressing applied. Just some glue over the top. I was given some big plasters which I’m assuming I have to apply when this glue starts to fade. I’m going to attempt a proper shower tonight. I’ve been told to make sure I keep my back in the water flow.
Sonya x

When is your next appointment?Dressings can be left on for up to a week…then when you do remove it,(don’t  get it too wet,a shower would be fine) remove skin from plaster,not plaster from skin,and do it slowly.Then gently wash the area,and use a clean towel to pat dry.

I was advised to remove the dressing after 5 days, either by myself or the practice nurse at your GP if preferred & the steristrips after 10 days. I removed the dressing myself with no problems & soaked the steristrips in a saline solution first. If you’re not sure, the practice nurse will help.