Watery Eyes & taxotere

I am suffering badly from watery eyes on taxotere. Anyone else? Any tips for how to cope. Research on internet seems to indicate my eyes are dry!!! Any tips most welcome.

starfish, Im on epirubicin but i too have terribly watery eyes and its a real pain… Apart from wallowing in shared discomfort I haven’t got any tips. Ill watch this thread and maybe some of those who are ahead of us may post some ideas… Thanks in advance. xx Carmel

hello Starfish,

I have no good advice I’m afraid, I just thought I’d let you know that I share your problem, mostly when I’m out walking outdoors. I often think people must think I’m bawling my eyes out as I’m walking down the street dabbing my eyes with kleenex! I just had my last tax today so hopefully I wont be bawling down the street much longer.

I hope it’s not upsetting you too much, maybe your oncologist has a magic pill or something.

Sorry I can’t be of more use!

take care of youself,

Hi All

No cure I am afraid. I had exactly the same. Think it is to do with lack of eyelashes. My nose dripped like a tap too. Lack of nasal hair I think. The only thing I did was make sure I always had wads of tissues!

Love and sympathy


nearly one year on from finishing taxotere and i’m still suffering from watery eyes…i’ve given up hope of it ending. i do have eyelashes again and i just use waterproof mascara.

I had very runny eyes on taxotere. Often I looked like I was crying. It stopped a few weeks after the chemo finished.


Hi all,

I’ve had 2 doses of taxotere and don’t have too much trouble with my eyes, but like Dilys find my nose running all the time. I do miss my eyelashes in the shower though, as the water runs into my eyes much more than ever before!

How far into treatment are you Starfish? Hope the eyes clear up as soon as your taxotere is finished.

Best wishes,
Julie x

I have just had last taxotere last Monday. Eyes still watering! As well as nose but nose not as bad at moment. They did reduce dose by about just over 10% last time. Watery eyes and nose started on 3rd dose. If I find a cure I will let you all know!

Hello again. Just looking at my last post “don’t have too much trouble with my eyes” - well that was true a week ago, but not now! Is there any solution other than tissues? I was driving to see my surgeon on Wednesday and between the rain on the windscreen and the water in my eyes, I could hardly see where I was going! Still, at least it takes my mind off the sore knees, sore teeth, sore feet, sore nails…


Finished taxotere May 07 and still have episodes of watery eyes but they are getting slightly better. Could be down to the fact that my eyelashes never came back only a few stubby hairs on each eye. love to all you ladies on taxotere it was horrible bloody stuff. Hang on in there it will be a faded memory hopefu;lly 12 months from now xx Eileen

I finished Tax Feb 08 and the watery eye thing stopped within a couple of months - so take heart.

My eyes still water and nose still runs, started when I was on Taxotere, but as I am now on Herceptin it seems to have continued. The eyes are not nearly as bad as they were on Tax though, sometimes I was virtually blinded by the tears then!

I wonder if the drops you can get at the pharmacy for dry eyes might help? I believe the excess watering is a consequence of the eyes becoming too dry and over compensating. Might be worth a try.


Hi Ladies,

I’ve posted on this subject before.

I found that Celuvisc/carmellose eyedrops helped my eyes a lot. I was able to get them on prescription during chemo. They come in individual vials so are very handy to carry around. I found one application in the A.M. & maybe another during the day made things more bearable. You have to give them a few minutes to settle though; the oily texture can make things a bit blurry!

I was keen to do something at the time because I read an article saying that there is a (very low) risk of scarring in the tear ducts, causing the condition to become permanent. I can’t seem to locate the article (sadly) so sorry if this sounds a bit alarmist…For anyone who thinks they could have this condition long term, I believe that there is a procedure involving a stent being placed in the tear duct to solve the problem.

Two months post chemo, I have no problems, just dry eyes some days. Guess that’s an age thing though. Good luck…I found that the skin round my eyes became very sensitive, so be careful which eye creams you use, if any. Oh, and those ‘balm’ tissues are best!



ladies, I used hydromellose eye drops - can get these over the counter quite cheap - very good.

vez xxx

not just me then?

Nearly a month since Starfish started the thread and I am pleased to report only one of my eyes watering like a river now, hope it’s the begining of the end for watery eyes! I’m seeing oncologist on friday so will be asking about those drops that have been reccomended by Vezza and Lomalinda. thanks!

My eyes are still watering profusely. Wondered if it was the Herceptin as seemed to start after that. Rang bcn today who said unlikely to be Herceptin. Have been advised it is probably the result of eyelashes falling out. And to see GP if it doesnt improve. This I will do and as I am finding it very difficult to live with along with other symptoms from taxotere. Being shortsighted and wearing glasses is making it worse and I am continually looking through swimming eyes as well as tears streaming down face. Will mention remedies to GP others have tried.