Watery Eyes?

Anyone got any experience of eyes that just won’t stop watering? Half way through first Tax after 4 FEC and my eyes are tearing all the time. Had a little bit of it once or twice on the FEC but this has started up yesterday and today. No pain, no infection - just producing loads of tears. If so, any solutions that worked for you

Thanks muchly
Ann x

Havent any solutions,but i had the same,i got drops from onc but they didnt help me,not2say they wont help u…Once i finished chemo im glad 2say no more runny eyes…Xsarahx

I had the same and very runny nose too on TAX - they did recover when TAX stopped.
thinking of you and your tissues!

Hi Ann

I also had very watery eyes while on Tax, it was very embarassing at times, especially when I was in shops or at work dealing with customers… The more tax I had the worse it got! Onc gave me some eyedrops, but did nothing. Eventually I went to the pharmacist and he gave me eyedrops for hay fever (anti staminic) and they worked (I don’t suffer from hayfever by the way, but they did the trick)! I still had watery eyes, but the improvement was massive.
Hope this helps!


i used to get htem really bad, it settled down after cemo stopped.

Hi Ann,

I had the exact same problem, and it started when I moved from FEC to TAX. My onc told me it was something to do with the toxicity in the mucous membranes and prescribed dexamethosone eyedrops. They work like a charm. They are steroids and therefore have to be administered to a strict schedule and you have to wean off of them. Hope this helps!!

Hello Amber

Yes I have just the same - halfway through tax #2. I was away camping and as my eyes and suurounding skin were very sore I took aome offered hayfever tablets. That reduced the inflammation but the wtaring continues. Went to a pharmacist and explained that I was on chemo - gave me some hayfever eyedrops. They don’t stop it, but it is a lot easier. I shall mention it when I go for dose 3 this week, but I don’t fancy more steroids really.

I guess it’s sensible to ring the chemo staff and check with them for a safe solution. (I was away from home and deperate!)

Good luch anyway… HP

I had really watery eyes on tax. Doctor and optician said it was because I had no eyelashes so my eyes were overproducing tears to protect the eye tissue. I tried viscous drops etc but it only really settled once chemo finished. I did find that some days I couldn’t wear contact lenses which was a bit weird!

Thanks everyone.
I nipped out and got Optrex ActiMist eye spray that you spray onto closed eyes and it makes its own way onto the eye surface. It works! Hardly any tearing at all now. Phew.
Ann x

4 fec and 4 tax finished 3 weeks ago but eyes still watering. actimist didn’t work for me but took an anti histamine tablet for hayfever and haven’t wiped my eyes for an hour. wooowooooo!!!
eye make up here I come. :slight_smile:

i finished chemo 18 months ago and still have watery eyes… optician diagnosed me with dry eye and i have about 4 different lots of eye drops… hypromellose are the ones i use most often but also have carmellose and lumecare i tried lacrilube but they are so gunky i cant do my sudoku in bed cos i cant see!.. iv seen that optrex advertised and often wondered if it was any good i might ask my gp if i can give it a bash too.