watery eyes

Hi… now that I’ve lost my eyelashes, my eyes are constantly watering, and thus blurring my vision. Wiping it away all the time is making my eyes sorer… anyone got any suggestions/found any solutions?

Hi GiJane

I had the same problem while on Tax and went on for weeks even after I had finished chemo. I tried everything, but nothing worked. One day, out of desperation after the Sainsbury’s delivery man asked me what was wrong and if I needed help (!), I went to the pharmacist and asked his opinion. He suggested I tried these antistaminic (spelling?) eyedrops usually prescribed for those who suffer from hayfever and low and behold they worked! Still had watery problems, but the improvement was massive. I’m sorry, I can’tremember the name of these eyedrops, but maybe you can ask your pharmacist?


p.s. Love your dog lol

Hi GIJane,

yes I had the same problem too, while on Tax and for some time afterwards. I found the Optrex spray helped,


it’s not cheap but did ease my eyes a little. Unfortunately it’s a stage you have to go through, I looked like I was crying all the time and it was always worse when I went out…don’t leave home without a supply of tissues! It will pass eventually. HTH and good luck.

My onc told me to take ordinary hayfever antihstamines for the Tax runny eyes and they worked very well. They didn’t stop it completely but helped an anasal wful lot.

She also prescribed me a Beconase spray (again, usually used for hayfever) for the drippy nose and that was also a huge help.

Jane xxx