Watery eyes


I am two weeks past my 3rd Docetaxel (7th chemo) and the watery eye side effect has kicked in, did anyone else suffer this ? How long did it take to go please ? I have been given drops but not helping. Amongst everything else this is such an annoying side effect.

Any advice welcome, thank you x


Oddly I had the same on chemo 7, tax 3, lasted pretty much the whole 3 weeks on just that cycle but currently 6 days post last one and it hasn’t come back yet!! It was indeed just so annoying, but it did go!!

Fingers crossed yours goes too!!

Hi Sara,
Yes, I had them, nothing much helps, and I’ve forgotten how long they actually lasted but I think about 3 months after chemo had finished, and I was beginning to give up hope! However, I am pleased to report they are all fine now except maybe on a very windy day. Soon hopefully yours will clear too.
best wishes

Hello Sarah68


Your post was some time ago - 2014 - so you may not read this but I have the same problem with streaming  (watery doesnt come close as a description! More like eye tsunami) and no-one seems able to tell me when it will stop. It’s so disabling. I finished my docetaxol four weeks ago and still no let up. If anything it’s getting worse. When did yours stop? Morgan.