Watery vaginal discharge

I’ve been taking Tamoxifen since July and have had a bit of normal discharge and the occasional bouts of dryness. I had a smear in September which was all clear.

These past few days though I’ve had a load of clear / creamy watery vaginal discharge - so much that I’ve had to use pads. No itching or offensive smell.

Surely I’m not ovulating - it’s the same kind of stuff that comes out when I ovulate (maybe a bit more watery though)? Does that mean the Tamoxifen isn’t working any more? Or could this just be a side effect.

Just to add I have all the other lovely Tamoxifen side effects - hot flushes etc. I’m not sure if the hot flushes are reducing a bit or not. I’m having a minor one as I type. Lucky me!

Tamoxifen does not stop ovaries working, or ovulating, it just stops oestrogen sticking to cells. Only zoladex or oopherectomy would switch off ovaries. Most women on tamoxifen ovulate and have periods.

HI Pennies

I had some discharge with tamoxifen but no period for 2 years (was 39 when started it)
You could be ovulating, you don’t say how old you are. If it persists and doesn’t become a period, you might run it past your bcn, even if just to be reassured.


Hi pennies

The BCC publication ‘Tamoxifen’ contains some information you may find of interest about side effects, you can read or order a copy via this link:


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