We Are All Strong And Brave.

Not sure where to put this really but anyway.
I have been a member on here for over a year like most on here I found this site when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.
I read a lot of posts, I comment on a fair few all in all the forum makes me feel less alone.
I know there are a lot of people with cancer who seem to be able to carry on with their life (before their diagnosis) I sometimes read these posts and feel totally inadequate - a wuss (or I did back then in the early days before I saw the light).
Cancer is personal to each and every one of us, no two people can or will react the same to either the diagnosis or the treatment. I have come to see we are ALL incredibly strong brave ladies irrespective of our age. Off we go for our treatment wondering what next, how will we feel tomorrow, but you know what we face that next day and the one after that with only ourselves really knowing how we feel (we are amazing).
That is all I wanted to say really, we do not need to juggle plates in the air, paint a masterpiece walk from Lands End to John o Groats, (I spent a lot of my chemo in bed and asleep) but I did it, had the op followed by the rads, just do it your own way ladies it’s not how you get there that is important - it’s the getting there.
Poppy xx

@Anonymous  - Poppy, what a lovely post. So very true, wise words for us all to consider. I felt a bit like that through Covid lockdowns - that I should have achieved something amazing, but I hadn’t. Best wishes and hugs to you. Evie xx