Wearing a falsie

I had a mastectomy at the beginning of February, and not able to consider reconstruction for a year.  I began with a foam falsie, which did a pretty good job at disguising my ‘re-alignment’.  However, despite buying a full cup bra, it was pretty determined to roam.  I was constantly either checking it was in place or re-positioning it.  This week I got my Amoena adhesive silicone boob.  It’s so much better than I expected.  It’s really easy to put on and most importantly stays in place, right up until I take it off.  As I spend much of my day with toddler grandchildren, playing on the floor and lifting them about, this is really important.  I wasn’t sure if it’d be suitable because I’m an E cup, so assumed that a weighty lump stuck to my chest would cause the skin on my chest to drag down, but it’s very comfortable and really looks the part. Can honestly say that throughout the day I forget I’m wearing it.  I just wanted to put this out there for anyone contemplating opting for one.  I’m lucky that my surgeon left me fairly flat and my scar is really neat too, which I’m sure helps.

Have you got a post surgery bra. They have pockets in them for your falsie. I bought some from marks and spencer, one was £20 and got a 2 pack for £18. You also get the vat back on them, they do it at the till so makes em a bit cheaper.

i only have a softie at the mo because my surgery was just over a week ago and they seem to hold that in place fairly well.

glad you found the stick on comfortable, that’s worth knowing if they give me that option.

sending lots of love xx

I hate mumsie bras and searched hard to fine some to suit me -not easy at 40E. Eventually I found Royce t-shirt bras are good, ordered online from John Lewis and also one at M&S 


i always found M&S the best place for post surgery bras.  The pockets kept my softie in place well.  They’ve got a couple your size that are pretty including this one




Keep eps looking as they’ll have new stock in soon for the summer.