Wearing bra after lumpectomy surgery


Looking for a bit of advice. It will be two weeks next Tuesday since my op to have lump removed and some lymph nodes.
I haven’t been able to wear bras because my lump was situated under the breast where bottom of bra would sit. I have tried non wired bras but found myself in agony after this as the elastic was still causing too much irritation on the wound (wound still covered with dressings until I see consultant on tuesday) Problem I am finding is at night. As I am not getting much support I have found myself really sore through night and in the mornings and having to take my stronger pain killers to ease pain. I don’t want to be causing any problems with my healing due to not properly supporting the breast but not sure what else to try.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated x



Hello and welcome.  A lot of ladies on here have gone for crop tops as they tend to be easier so I wonder if it is worth you trying one of them.


Helena xx

Hi LeanneC78 I was recommended to wear a sports bra with a bra extender and found a pair in M&S after an exhaustive search. You can find a set of one black, one white without stitching on the breast area. I recommend that you go for a Fitting if you feel up to it as the breast size I finally found comfortable was totally different from my normal size. I also got the Sainsbury’s crop tops which are very smooth but hard to get on with no openings, so I’m holding those over for when I have radiotherapy. Hope this helps. Best wishes for your recovery. 


I’m in an Asda post op front fastening bra post WLE /SNB. I couldn’t wear m&s post op bra as have pressure dressings on for 48hours. Asda bras are comfortable but cant adjust straps (could use a hairband to shorten strap or sew it).

I have an m&s front fastening sports bra but will try that when I’m healed and comfy.



I bought two comfy crop tops from Tesco but they don’t seem to be in stock any more so will look at the Sainsburys one for my next op.


Sometimes you can stand in the crop top and pull it up from your feet, saves lifting your arms and all that fabric rolling up.



Hi I have just got some cropped tops from M n S not expensive and good support. Pack of 2 one black one white less than £20. Very comfortable being quite large chested these are really useful.x

Hi, those tops sound like they may suit me too but I’ve just had a quick look on m&s but can’t find them (unless they were £14?). Anything extra you can share to help me find them please?
J x

I had wle with LICAP recon on 11 May. The only (and comfortable) support I am wearing are the £14 m &s pack of 2 crop tops JuliaA. They really are comfortable and give just enough support xx

Thank you xx

Has anyone got any suggestion for swimwear after lumpectomy? I can only find posts about mastectomy swimwear . Thanks in advance