Wearing masks after chemo

Just wondering if anyone wore surgical type masks when they went out during chemo. I saw a lady in the hospital wearing one and I thought it could be a good idea to stop germs.
Appreciate any thoughts and experience please x

I looked on Amazon a couple of weeks ago at masks…think I will get some! x



A couple of times during chemo my husband had coughs and colds etc, so we both ended up wearing masks at home, any one else was told to avoid coming around if they had anything similar, never wore them out though, During my low immunity times I tended to avoid crowds,shops etc.

Mary x

Hi Mary!

Can I ask how many days do you have low immunity?
I haven’t started chemo yet but really petrified!

Sandra x

I like to walk and live near shops so I don’t want to feel like I can’t go out anywhere hense I asked the mask question. I don’t want to turn paranoid but can’t help it. Appreciate your answers thank you.
Sandrasussex instart next Thursday. Feel free to pm me if you want x

Thankyou Ms Merton! I am on my own at home and not sure I can cope with side effects!

Sandra x

I caught a cold & cough from a relative after my 2nd chemo but it was totally fine.  Kept an eye on my temperature but it didn’t rise and to be honest it was just like having a bug in “real life”!  I’ve been careful about hand hygeine and not mixing with obviously poorly folk but otherwise have live my life as normal.

I flew during every cycle of chemotherapy it was always in the last week of a cycle. I have never worn a mask and have had no coughs colds or any other illness. The chemotherapy did make me quite ill so I would not say that I breezed through

I am going to get some masks and a scarf for low immunity days after reading this just to be safer. I hope to go back to work at some point and will have to take public transport on some days.  I would like advice on this and coping with pets.  My cat is always sat on me. He is a very affectionate animal and gets in my bed often for snuggles.  Will this have to stop?