Wedding in the middle of chemo - any help would be appreciated

Hi everyone 

I’m going to be taking Taxol and Carboplatin once every 3 weeks for 6 cycles and the curve ball is that I have my wedding in between. For personal reasons I do not want to change my wedding date, so I’m looking for some advice mainly on vanity issues and how to look/feel the best on my wedding week, which is also the height of summer here in California.


  1. I’m doing cold capping. I’ve cut my hair 3 weeks ago to shoulder length to give myself the best chance to retain my fine hair. Can anyone offer me their lessons learnt and best advice? Products suggestions would be much appreciated.


  1. If you can “choose” to the cycle no. to hold your wedding on, which would it be? Which cycle did you feel best or worst? From my research, I know it’s different for everyone but what I seem to see consistently is that cycle 3/4 hits the body worse.

Right now, with my doctor’s blessing, I’m timing it so that wedding day is 2 weeks after cycle 2, what do you think?


  1. Manicure/pedicure - I have gel mani & regular pedi on now. What should I do in the next 3 weeks before I start chemo? Do I take them off? I really would like to have my nails painted for wedding day. Is it doable?



Hi pippi, sorry you find yourself on here, but glad you’ve popped on and firstly I’d like to congratulate you on your soon to be wedding ?week 3 of the cycle is best as you will be nadir from days 7-14 usually when your immune system will be at lowest, so count chemo day as day 1. Other people I know cold capped and only washed their hair once a week, and did ok, so that might help you keep your hair, think they just used natural hair stuff no additives in. About the gel nails you should speak to your unit in that, I think we all get different advice. I didn’t have gel nails and kept my nails painted with black polish and kept them ok (toe nails took a bit of a battering) but all fingernails kept ok. Think other people have rubbed oil into cuticles too and kept nails ok. You are going to look beautiful whatever, everyone shines on their wedding day and you will too :heart::heart:Redrose from June 2018 chemo thread planned her wedding during chemo, so if you pop on there, she might be able to give you more tips too. Hope this helps a bit ??:sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

Ok I had the same chemo as you it is cumulative in that you feel weaker the more you have. That is because your blood count goes lower and never fully recovers before you get another dose. I would be wary of infection if I was surrounded by lots of people at a wedding so bear that in mind.


If you can fast before chemo then your side effects are greatly reduced - have a Google and check out the work by Valter Longo on the topic.