Wedding Sept 2014

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I am getting married in Gibraltar which was arranged before I was diagnosed with BC. I have had surgery where the cancer was removed with clear margins and had not spread to my lymph nodes. I am still waiting to see oncologist and will have to have radiotherapy and hormone therapy for 5 years

I usually take out annual travel insurance which runs out in August. I do have pre existing blood pressure already declared once I told them about the breast cancer they wouldn’t cover me.

Can anyone suggest some insurance companies to try. I know I will only be able to get insurance for the week this time? Does anyone know if you declare the BC can you ask not to be covered for it or am I being naive thinking? Does anyone know how much extra you have to pay when you have BC? Obviously by the time I go I will have had radiotherapy.

Any help would be of great help.



Dear Angie55

I’m sure other members will be along soon with some responses to your question.  In the meantime I have attached a link to a thread called “Travel insurance tips” which I hope might be helpful:

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Hi Angie, my diagnosis & treatment were the same as yours (Jan - April ‘13) we already had annual travel insurance with LV. I knew from the forum it was better to wait till after radiotherapy to try for insurance. So after my radiotherapy was finished we phoned them and explained the situation, and although I’m not covered for my BC the premium remained the same. Don’ t really feel I need to be covered for BC as I’m now considered to be NED and if I did find a lump or anything else whilst on holiday I’ d ring my BC Nurse and get an appointment for when I got back home. It’ s a totally different ball game for the ladies with secondaries. Hope this helps, best wishes Pat x

Hi Pat
Thanks for your reply can I ask what insurance company you use. I feel like I don’t want my BC covering but I know I need to cover my blood pressure. My annual premium is with insure and go and they are just not interested in covering me for anything. I would still like to do an annual policy. X

Thanks for the replies it has helped a lot. I will wait until my radiotherapy is complete before making any enquiries. Just waiting for an appointment with an oncologist, then it will be radiotherapy for I think 3 weeks.

Angie. X