Weekly epiburicen and hair loss

Hi to all you lovely ladies.
Just wanted to pick your brains. I have secondary breast cancer in my bone marrow and going through my 3rd round of chemo. I’m on weekly epiburicen at the moment just completed 5 cycles of 12. My question is to shave or not to shave my hair. It’s not coming out in clumps on the pillow but if I brush my hair or run my fingers through it there is a lot of shedding. It seems to be getting worse but for some reason I want to hold onto my hair this time! Other times I have got to this stage and just gone to my hairdressers and had it clipped. I have never got to this stage and not shaved so wondered does it just get progressively worse? Also scalp is very tender. Any advice appreciated. Keep fighting xx

Hi Mejules
I was on EC for 4 cycles, my hair started to fall out after 2nd Cycle, so I decided to shave it all off.
I cried initially, however I felt much better after.
In my case I would rather shave my hair off, then seeing my hair fall out on the pillow, in the shower or on the floor.
Good luck with your treatments.