Weekly epiburicen and hair loss

Hi to all you lovely ladies. I’m on weekly epiburicen at the moment just completed 5 cycles of 12. My question is to shave or not to shave my hair. It’s not coming out in clumps on the pillow but if I brush my hair or run my fingers through it there is a lot of shedding. It seems to be getting worse but for some reason I want to hold onto my hair this time! Other times I have got to this stage and just gone to my hairdressers and had it clipped. I have never got to this stage and not shaved so wondered does it just get progressively worse? Also scalp is very tender. Any advice appreciated. Keep fighting xx

Hi mejules72

Sorry that you havent had a reply to your post yet. Have you considered joining one of the monthly chemo threads? These threads are always busy with people sharing their experience of going through treatment with others who are going through treatment at the same time.

Best wishes
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