Weekly paclitaxel (taxol) and hair loss

Hi Tess,

I am starting Taxol+herceptin next week for 12 weeks on weekly basis. I am stage I. What stage are you and for how many weeks your treatment of Taxol is scheduled? Thank you. Gin

I have this rare breast cancer as well. Had surgery in December. Mine is stage 3 had 3 sessions of FEC every 3 weeks and hair eye lashes and eye brows all fell out after first session then had 9 weekly sessions of Paclitaxel all sorts of side effects with it. Now starting 30 sessions of radiotherapy and was wondering will my hair start growing back now as I have a small covering starting to grow but it looks like it is.pure grey.


I am currently starting week 9 on weekly taxol and every three week with herceptin and perjecta.  So far, I haven’t loss all of my hair and still have my eyebrows.  Does anyone know if I will continue to lose hair?


I was diagnosed in March of this year with IDC, Stage 1, Triple Positive, Lymph Nodes Negative.

Went for a Bilateral Mastectomy, no radiation :slight_smile: Underwent Chemo Weekly with Taxol and Herceptin, was done last week with no major issues, thank god. Will be taking Herceptin once in 3 weeks for next 9 months.

I have a very thick long hair, cut it short and noticed hari started thinning out in the 4th week of Taxol and Iit is still going on. Purchased an expensive wig and didn’t use it yet. I was told that I will loose all my hair and at one point wanted to shave my head but changed my mind thinking will see how it goes. I am glad I went with my instinct. Have put on around 20lbs and belly weight sucks. This is my main problem and I am hoping that it is temporary. I took it easy all these months, planning one day at a time, took off 3 months and last couple of months working part time from home.   



Very positive thinking…I loved your aunt comments …I’ll adapt this forward thinking …,thank you & good luck.

Hi justkelly— I have the exact same stage 1 IDC negative nodes diagnosis. I have the same plan on treatment and just finished treatment 2. So far so good. I actually bought an expensive wig also as I have been warned and want to have it ready if needed. I look forward to your further posts and successful treatment and words of advice!

Hi All,

I begin my 12 weeks of Taxol plus Herceptin on November 22nd. I am going to try the Chemo Caps that may help prevent some hair loss. Has anyone on here tried the caps?

May I ask if you did anything in particular to keep your hair from falling out ? Nine weeks is great. Minimal washing certain shampoos?

Ladies, sorry to be boring here but did any of you get bright red feet? Sore fingers etc? Have recently discovered that the Christi usefreezing gloves and socks…my Hospital doesn’t. 


Do do any of you use these?



Re Paclitaxel …doany of you get sore, aching muscles at all’? I find under my bra straps and along under my bra at the back is very tender.


also I get a reddish arm on the 3rd day which I thought could be cellulitis, but don’t think so now as it goes away…but my arm muscles hurt if I do too much.


be greateful to hear if others had the same?


thank you



Hi Moijan

Sorry for the delay just seen your message but thought I’d reply. My mum is on this regimen and last one Thursday (countdown!) however she has started getting sore muscles, bearable but more so tightness in her joints.

Side effects wise other than tiredness mum was fine untill about two weeks ago when she got a rash on her arm that was a bit inflamed but has died down but is still itching her like mad! oncologist wasn’t alarmed and just advised her to take the steroid cream and Antihistamine and upped mum’s pre meds, hope you feel better xxxx

Hi ladies the muscle aches and pains are quite painful at times mine seem to start around treatment 6 of 12 hot baths seemed to relieve this a bit and some painkillers; I also had the itching in both arms and the antihistamines seemed to help a bit also some unperfumed moisturiser, hang in there girls it all seems to ease off a few weeks when chemo is complete xx

Thank you ladies…am rubbing cbd balm into my fingers, however, am on a reduced dose already, so not a lot of choice…still have numb feet from 2001 …




Hi teach124, I am on week 6 of paclitaxel. I haven’t lost my hair but I am cold capping. I hear that most people lost in the first two weeks if they are going to at all but I may be wrong. I am also her2 positive and tali herceptin every 3 weeks for a year. I haven’t been given perjeta and just wondered if you are taking that as part of a trial or for other reasons. I had a 15mm Tumoir removed before starting chemo, no nodes involved. My treatment plan is paclitaxel for 12 weeks and herceptin for a year. Should I question about perjeta? Thank you

Hello I am new to this just joined today don’t normally join anything like this, but thought I would put my experience down as I have read loads and found some very useful.

all so a lot I have found are years old.


so to start I had 2 breast lumps one which I found and say someone sent it to me, you see my brother has just died of prostrate cancer , which could have been avoided. It’s a long story which I am not going into details but 

if some one at some hospital had passed a message on to his doctors 2 years ago he would still be hear.

we are not miracle  works and mistakes happen. 


So one morning i woke up to a very small lump on my left breast thought Nothing of it and would normally have not gone straight to the Docters, my normal thoughts would have been it a little cyst and will go away in a few weeks.

but no due to my brother I went straight away, with in 10 days I was at hospital having all usual test!

to my amazement with in 7 hours I had had I don’t know how many mammograms, scans and a biopsy.

my head was blown away. They actually found 2 lumps and as it happen there was a big one at the back grade 3 already and as they put it didn’t like the look of it and it was hiding away, thank goodness for the small one who I say God sent. Someone did anyways.

long story short had to have 2 operations, found to be connected to the prostrate cancer have all the receptors family now having gene testing. My brother just died at 68, my father at 62, his brother 94 that’s good there dad at 78 and his father at 50ish. I am the only girl in the family .

i am now on 3 weekly herceptin and Taxol every week for 12/18 weeks depends on how I deal with it. 

Also I am on a injection every 6 months to protect it from going into my bones or hopefully kill any that might already be there, only time will tel.

my effects do far are last week on tues had my first dose of all 3 lol.

tues ok Wednesday well hyper they said it was the steroids. Thursday what a come down where had all my 

energy gone felt really off ache all the time felt like really bed flue didn’t like food Didn’t taste sane at all, coffee tasted awful so got a lot of juice in.

found out with not having as much coffees got bad head so now drink a bit more must have been lack of caffeine.

friday wasn’t as bad as Thursday but still not good, sat came to a bit had a lie down afternoon so I could go to my sons BQ after football he had just arrived home he works abroad and it was his birthday 6th he was 35 my middle one.

sunday managed church for a few hours had  BQ we had people over from Chicago but came home felt achyand a bit off Monday not to bad. 

Today Tues was my second dose of just taxol went well but was very tired, so went to bed when I came home and apparently you could hear me snoring down stairs, so will see what tomorrow brings.

really hope this helps someone just starting and I will continue to put on every week, I do really say how it is no sugar coating I can’t see the point. So far I have found it’s no where near as

Cold Caps seem very strick, the process requires alot of effort not only during but months after to be effective. Just one hat on a cold night or your sunglass held on top of your head to ruin its effect. Call a company they will explain the nuances. Perjeta is a targeted drug used to fight her2 positive breast cancer. Herceptin does the same as I’ve seen people asking above. They are taken in combo with chemo drugs usually taxol or taxotere as well as carboplatin. My wife was going to attempt cold caps but was turned off after the process was explained. Good luck all and I’m pretty well versed ask a question I’m done my research

Research is not the same as doing.

I’m halfway through paclitaxel and my hair is thickening up again . I cold capped through 4x EC and the heatwave and have kept at least 75% of my hair.

Another lady I saw had 12 weeks of paclitaxel cold capped throughout and lost nothing.

I’m sure it works. Just the process is very strict. Blew me away with the care process involved… not everyone loses there hair during chemo either. I’m happy that people found something that works for them. :slight_smile:

Cold capping can be very effective, I’ve been using one, you wear 30 mins before chemo and up to 90 mins after, wearing hats after treatment or sun glasses on your head does not affect result?. I’ve had 6 sessions so far, no hair loss

Hi CDC regarding red face it is down to the steroids they give you before the treatment. I have the same problem for a couple of days after each treatment think I had been out too long in the sun.