Weekly Paxlitaxel - was it manageable!?


I’m Currently on my second BC battle- last time I had FEC-T chemo struggled a lot with it but got there. This time I’m also on FEC-T chemo with added Herceptin but my body is really struggling. I am just about to move onto the T (Docetaxol) and I’ve asked for a reduced dose as I found it really difficult last time! They have given me 2 options- either docetaxol once every 3 weeks at a reduced dose of 80% or switch to Paxlitaxel once a week.

Has anyone had or is on weekly Paxlitaxel? And if so how have you found it? Did you experience a lot of nausea? Or other side effects? And what was it like having weekly chemo? Currently I’m pretty much in bed for the first week and then I’m able to enjoy is the other 2 weeks so I’m worried il just be unwell 24/7 if I move to weekly chemo.

Any advice would be really appreciate


Hello :slight_smile: I had my #12 weekly paclitaxel last week. It was very doable. I had some fatigue day 3 mostly but the other SE were mild. I m here if you have questions.
And also have for you. Im about to start Fec x 4 but every 2 weeks. My onc told me that if I have many SE we can do it weekly… but I doubt the effectiveness that way so I ll see.
I read that you had FEC what should i expect?

Hello Notered. My treatment sounds like its gonna be similar to yours. 12 weekly ones then switch to Fec for 4 x 3weekly cycles. Ive only had my second one today so cant comment a great deal but my side effects are nausea (but pushing my way thru that) and constipation. Keep me posted on your treatment so i can see wot ive got to look forward to x