Weekly taxol vs three weekly taxotere

Hi everyone I am due to see the onc next Tuesday to make a final decision about what type of chemotherapy to start. I have secondaries in various bones and lung and my last hormonal has failed. I have previously had FEC when I had my primary diagnosis. The onc has suggested weekly taxol or 3 weekly taxotere and is leaving it up to me. I understand that the side effects of weekly taxol can be less severe but I am also interested in the efficacy of both treatments. I can put up with more severe side effects if taxotere has better results in relation to progression free time or overall survival. Any views on this would be very welcome.

Many thanks

Hi fuzzyface42 I’ve also got sec to lungs and chest wall I’ve also had chemo tax didn’t work for me it made my cancer grow I had placitaxol with another chemo but only had 5 months of no growth so I’m prob not the right person to ask my se on tax were awful but not to bad on taxol hopefully others will pop on with better advice it’s hard when they tell us to choose u want them to gd luck with everything x

I had 17 weekly tax. Very doable. SEs are a lot easier to deal with than three weekly. It could also depend on how far you have to travel, what your veins are like etc. Weekly means weekly bloods, then one day a week when you are at hospital. Three weekly, only one visit and one bloods but the tax truck will hit and you might find more time is spent in recovery. Weekly, not so many steroids. You don’t have to take any the day before like three weekly. My sleep wasn’t really disturbed at all. Hope this helps. I would choose weekly any day.

X Sarah


I have liver, axilla, lung and bone mets. Had Taxotere x3 which was hell on earth (although I know some women breeze through). Hated the steroids. No lung met seen at the end although they are now querying if it was a met or inflammation. Some shrinkage in the axilla and liver.

I’ll have to do chemo at some stage again and I will be doing all I can to avoid Docetaxel. It’s a QOL thing! Have heard from other women that Taxol is more doable but at the end of the day, there are so many things to consider as Sarah says.

Good luck

laurie x

I’m interested in reading people’s experiences of the two, as I’m going to be starting weekly Taxol in a couple of weeks (Xeloda failed me), and I did 4 x 3 weekly Taxotere at my initial diagnosis 9 years ago.

I know the “hit by the Taxotere truck” feeling, although I did the Taxotere after 4 x FEC (as part of the original TACT trial), and even though there was a cumulative effect in terms of fatigue, I personally found the FEC SEs harder. The steroid highs and lows were tough with Taxotere and I did have an overnight stay in hospital as I went neutropenic. But I had no problems with neuropathy and only had “heavy” legs as opposed to the achey, flu-like symptoms. I didn’t have any problems with my nails either.

As ever, I think in terms of SEs and response, it’s another case of suck it and see. :o( If only we’d got to the stage where they knew exactly which chemo would work for which cancer… Let’s hope that day will come soon.

Good luck, whatever you decide to do, Angelfalls xx

I had Paclitaxol but for a primary diagnosis, not secondary. I had 4 x AC and then 4 x Taxol, a 3 weekly dose given every 2 weeks.

For me it was hell on earth, but I was having 3 weeks worth every 2 weeks so not much time to recover in between. My onc was going for maximum skrinkage as my tumour was originally 4.5cm and she wanted to try and avoid a mx. She did, I only had a WLE in the end.

A colleague of my husband’s was having weekly Taxol at the same time and she breezed through it and even managed to work for most of the time.

I had tiredness like you would not believe, numb fingers and toes to the extent I could hardly walk, just hobble - in the end took 6 months to regain feeling and all my eyebrows and lashes fell out (which was worse for me than losing my hair). And 12 months on my fingernails are not much better, still brittle and ridged.

BUT it was worth it for me as it achieved the desired result. What I would say is that it depends for how long and how normal you need or want to be able to carry on. I was literally housebound for most of the Taxol sessions, for me the AC was not as bad. But it was only an 8 week period out of my whole treatment and I was lucky not to be working at the time and have no children to look after, so I could really wallow into (if you know what I mean), and it was winter so it felt a bit like hibernating, duvet, sofa and good book!!


Thanks for all the responses, if the effectiveness of the drugs was equal then I think weekly taxol would be the way to go. What I am struggling with is whether the benefits of 3weekly taxotere out ways the additional side effects. I am prepared to deal with the side effects for a better outcome. Does anyone know of any findings of trials comparing the taxol with taxotere.

Thanks again xx

How is the side effects of weekly pacitaxol


Hi cbyron

I have had 3 EC and up to now 9 of 12 weekly paclitaxel, I havent had many side effects from either drug. From reading other peoples accounts of 3 weekly tax I have certainly had it a lot easier on weekly paclitaxel

I had bad aches on my first week but none since,
I havent been fatigued or tired much either a little more than usual but im still up and out everyday.
A rash on my hands - bit of hydrocortisone cream and some antihistamines each day and it settles
A slightly dicky tummy - so as often as I would usually go but not as solid
No sickness or nausea
Thats it nothing else

Jen x