Weight and breast cancer

Good evening everyone. Bit of a random one… did anyone have problems with their weight/size regarding getting an MRI or having surgery? I am classed as ‘obese’ because of my BMI but I am tall and don’t think I look too bad :joy:. I am starting to wonder if my size will be a problem for my MRI next week and the surgery I need. Do we have any bigger ladies on here that could let me know of their experience?

Thank you :blush:


Please dont worry. My bmi has me as obese. Im 5ft5in and wear a size 18.
No one and i mean no one made any comments either way, and it cause no problems what so ever during my surgery, MRI or anything.

Everyone was lovely and caring. You will be advised to look after yourself. Eat healthy and try a bit of movement- not exercise. Moisturiser your skin, dry brush etc.

If by any chance you do cross paths with someone who makes any comments, just tell them you are here to fight cancer, and anything else will have to wait!

Be kind to yourself and do what feels right for you.
Good luck with your treatment, hope it all goes well x


Thank you so much for your reply, made me feel much better. I hope you are doing ok x

Hi there please don’t worry I am 5’7’’ and would be classed as morbidly obese as a size 20/22.
I never had any problems with scans, MRIs, Chemo or Radiotherapy, however the only issue I had was that I needed a double mastectomy and wanted a reconstruction but having it all done in the one operation which is what is often offered now, I was told no it was too risky and the operation too long, my boobs were a 40E. I wanted much smaller ones but they recommended seperate operations. I had the double mastectomy which was a long operation and now I have to lose weight if i want a reconstruction.
Its the only negative I experienced thoroughout my treatment but at least it was in my interes. I am now living without and will see what life is like without whilst trying to lose weight but given the lymphodema I have in my legs from previous cancer treatment 30 years ago I am finding it very hard
You will be fine I am 3 months on from the end of my treatment and looking forward to xmas and a new year carribean cruise
good luck

Thank you very much for your reply, it’s such a strange time isn’t it, glad to hear you are through the first surgery, and I hope you have a wonderful time on your cruise.

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Hi @947902

I hope these thoughtful and kind responses have been helpful. Please know that our nurses are always here for a chat too.

I hope all goes well for you next week.

Sending our warmest,

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