Weight Gain during FEC

Weight Gain during FEC

Weight Gain during FEC Did anyone experience weight gain during chemo (I was FEC). My stomach looks 6 months pregnant and I have put on 8lbs, chemo due to finish in 6 weeks, but wondered if any of you ladies had the same? Thanks

— —Yes I gained about the same and it is a bit difficult to shift. Also chemo lead to menpause which won’t help weight!!! Indulge yourself at present but don’t go too mad. I’m giving myself 2 months post chemo without worrying too much about weight but just watch what I eat and thenif still too heavy will rejoin a slimming club. Good luck

weight gain Hello,yes,I also put on quite a lot of weight during my 8 fec. 2 years on and most of it has gone apart from the tummy area.Try as I might I can’t shift it but now I’ve stopped worrying about it and as long as I’m still well I can live with it. Don’t try to diet yet,keep all your strength for getting well again.I ate whatever I fancied during chemo.
Once I got over all the treatment and started back working the extra weight steadily came off.
Good luck.

— Op was nearlly three years ago — … and then had chemo and rads… I have only just got down to a size 10 again (but for some strange reason still 12 on top due to muscles in back and top of arms which came with the steriods!!)

Was a size 8 before the cancer and went up to size 16 - YES I DID. It was awful to try and cope with such a weight gain. I knocked things over and got so angry with myself. It was soooo difficult to lose it afterwards and you are too ill to do excercise during (but I don’t think it would make any difference anyway).

So just accept it, and know that once you are through your treatment and becoming stronger THAT will be the time to worry about how to lose weight. (Oh, and we have a diet thread in the chit chat room - I’ll try and bring it to the top for you if I can find it.)

Love Joy xx

Fat trousers! I definitely gained weight and, having always been a size 12, I had to go out and buy size 16 trousers which I christened my ‘fat trousers’! I only bought one pair, and wore them all the time! Luckily it was summer so some of my drawstring trousers also fitted. My oncologist told me, and I’m sure he was right, that my weight gain is partly due to the fact that I went from being an active person (a primary school teacher in my case) to a fairly sedentary person. Also, because I spent quite a lot of time just resting at home, I definitely snacked more than I normally would at work.

I did, however, find that the weight came off very quickly once I returned to work. I now seem to be settled at a size 14 which is fine and the ‘fat trousers’ went to the charity shop!

Good luck with everything